Chrome Adds Anti-virus to Browser

Google won't go as far as to say that security in Windows needs some help, but they are adding a layer of extra security through their browser. The latest Chrome Browser update includes software enhancements by ESET that will help detect changes to browser settings, removing bad/malicious code in visited sites and more. It's a nice step in the right direction and when you think about it, security pretty much belongs in the browser anyhow. Good on Google.

"Our engine scans for and cleans potentially harmful applications, specifically the types that negatively impact or target the Chrome browsing experience," said Juraj Malcho, chief technology officer at ESET, in an email to The Register. "It is not meant to provide full coverage against all modern threats, its capabilities are limited to detecting specific malware families and/or specific ways of tampering with Chrome or operating system."

Source: TheRegister