iwown P1 Power Sport Watch Evaluation - Testing and Final Thoughts

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iwown P1 Power Sport Watch Evaluation
Testing and Final Thoughts

Testing the P1:

I wore the P1 for a few weeks and was blown away by the battery life. For a fitness tracker with a color back-light screen, I expected a couple of days maximum. With the screen set to light up on wrist movement, I expected even less battery life. I was dead wrong. With my regular schedule keeping me quite active, I used this as my main timepiece and even managed to hit the gym a few times to see how it compared to the fitness app in my Samsung S8. As for step counting and heart-rate, they were within 5% of each other most of the time - well within margin of error.

Water Resistant


What I find quite remarkable is the sleep tracking feature. I’ve experience activity trackers before, but not one that monitored sleep behavior. Another interesting feature of the P1 is the sedentary alarm that you can set through the phone application. If you don’t move often enough, you will get a reminder to get moving. It’s not a bad feature, and if you listen to it, I’m sure it will be much better for your health. In today’s office-oriented world, we spend far more time sitting than we should and the P1 can not only monitor health but be a useful tool in improving your health as well.

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Main Screen

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Final Thoughts:

The P1 from iwown is a great product that delivers on most of it’s promises. I’m still confused by the ECG feature as it’s tied to “Fatigue” and I have yet to get a solid reading that indicates how I feel. When exhausted at the end of the day, and after a 5k run, I’d expect it to register some fatigue. Instead, it says I’m fresh. I wasn’t fresh. Not at all. Other than that, it seems to work great.

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There are a ton of fitness trackers on the market and it’s crowded out there for a company such as iwown. The fact is that the P1 can hold its own in the market and do very well. It offers fantastic week-long battery life, a bright and clear display, touch interface, buttons as a backup, a comfortable band, enough sensors to keep most people happy and to top it off, it’s water-resistant to 50M. I haven’t tested it that deep, but I have showered with it and gone for a swim with my family and it keeps on ticking.

If you have the chance to handle one of these, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Depending on the price point, it could be the absolute best bang-for-the-buck when it comes to activity (and inactivity) trackers out there. There’s a lot to like.

If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please feel free to post in the forum right here.