LG V30 64GB Smartphone Evaluation - Battery Life, Calling and More

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LG V30 64GB Smartphone Evaluation
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Battery Life, Calling & More:

The battery life on the V30 is fantastic. After using my Galaxy S8 and other mainstream devices, you get used to trying to conserve power to make it through the day. Even with the screen scaled to the full 1440x2880 (which is adjustable), I can get through 2 days of light-medium use and a day and a half of heavy use thanks to the power management that LG pulls off. With only WiFi enabled (no SIM), you'll get through a solid week on this device. It's remarkable that the V30 has a 10% larger battery than the S8 (3300mAh vs 3000mAh) and it gets 100% more battery life in daily usage. I was never able to go a solid 16 hour day on the S8 - even when brand new.

In terms of size, the V30 is a pretty large phone that has a nice screen to body ratio. The screen measures a full 6.0-inches and it does it without being too large or bulky. It's actually thinner than the S8. It's slightly longer and a fair bit wider though.

Check out our video below of some hands-on with the LG V30.


In terms of call quality, the LG V30 is a champ. The call quality is fantastic in ideal conditions and it hangs in there very well in loud environments as well. The built-in speaker is great and whether I'm on speaker or talking with the handset, the call is always loud enough and comes through clearly. The location of the speaker has been moved to the bottom and it is plenty loud to play and share music in a small-medium sized room. When you connect headphones, you get the option to use a Quad DAC for playing back audio, and this improves the audio quality from being great to an exceptional level.

On the last page, we’ll wrap things up with our final thoughts.