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CES - Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider - Day 1
Day 1 - Ricavision and Silex


With the release of Windows Vista is going to come a lot of home-theater/media type of products, and Ricavision is at the forefront.  We were able to stop by and get a sneak peek at the “Ricavision Vista Slideshow Media Center Remote Control ”, this is the king of remotes and definitely can do it all. The MSRP will be $199 USD and will be available in April, 2007. This remote functions on Bluetooth technology and has an operating range of approximately 100 meters, also Ricavision plans on releasing a Wi-Fi version in the future.

Vista Slideshow Remote

This remote features a 2.5” color QVGA LCD display. The display is capable of displaying and scheduling TV recordings, playing recorded TV, video files or pictures, playing and browsing through music and internet radio presets, as well as providing “now playing” information such as song title or time elapsed, and display RSS feeds or display notifications (e-mail, instant messaging, etc). Basically, this remote has so many features, I'm sure I've neglected to mention some, so checkout out their official .pdf for all the features.

Vista Remote in Action

This remote is also fully operation with the soon to be released Microsoft Vista, and will fully control a Vista system, they also have versions of this remote without the LCD screen that can fully control a Vista system.


Silex is a company that specializes in connecting various devices to a wired or wireless networks. This year at CES they are showcasing a couple of new devices, the wiDock and Netsign. Silex has alot of other products ranging from wireless print servers to USB device servers to wireless adaptors for sewing machines (Yes, sewing machines).

Silex provides wireless connections, even for sewing machines

The wiDock is the first iPod dock that wirelessly syncs with iTunes, while also outputting to both stereo and TV as well as charging the unit, because the user doesn't have to move the iPod from the living room to the computer, wiDock makes it a permanent part of the home entertainment system. Click here for a link to the .pdf of the press release for this product.

SILEX wiDock

Netsign leverages Silex's technology and allows users to be able to transfer data from a computer to multiple high definition information displays using UWB wireless technology or analog VGA over Ethernet. This technology has multiple application possibilities, ranging from multiple digital signs in shops, to even possibly wireless home theater applications, there are alot of different possibilities for this product, and from the demo we saw the frame rate of the video was very good. The Netsign product has not been officially released yet, but we will make sure to link to this product later.

Netsign Wireless Box