Gigabyte iSolo 210 Case - Closer Look Outside the iSolo

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Closer Look - Outside:

The iSolo 210 is a pretty case.  It's not overly flashy, but it has a certain quality about it that makes it stand out.  I'll be honest though, it looks a lot better in the pictures on Gigabyte's site than it does in person.  It still is a classy looking case, but as soon as we pulled it out of the box, we discovered that the only aluminum in the case is the rivets and some trim on the front.  It's a 0.7mm SECC Chassis and that explains the 19lb shipping weight.  If I would have read all of the information about the case on the website, I would have known that before I opened the box.

 Case Profile
Case Profile


As you can see above, the case doesn't come with a clear window.  It comes with a mesh side panel that allows passive airflow (and dust) penetrate the panel and cool down your gear.  The mesh allows light from fans, RAM, etc to be seen, but it helps hide cable clutter, and gives it more of a quality of a "Professional" case instead of a fun gaming case.

iSolo Front & Back
iSolo Front & Back

One of the things that set this case apart in terms of looks is the bottom section at the front of the case.  The bezel has a unique shape and this helps give it that "professional" look I was talking about.  Although I've mentioned that it looks professional, this case is indeed geared for the gamer.  It has a rear 120mm exhaust fan, as well as ports to run hoses for an external water cooling system.  It's ready for prime gaming time or would look great as a workstation.


Below are a few more close-up pictures of the outside of the case and detailing.

 Bottom Front
Bottom Front
iSolo Logo
iSolo Logo
 Machined Edge
Machined Edge


Features & Specs: 

Before we take a look inside, we'll briefly cover the specs and features from Gigabyte: 

  • Elegant Design
  • Aluminum front panel
  • Silent solution
  • Integrated thermal solution
  • Liquid cooling upgrade ready
  • Modularized housing
  • Tool-less installation
  • Reduction of Hazardous Substances

Dimension 200 x 440 x 485 (W x H x D)
Front bezel Material Aluminum & Steel Mesh
Color Silver / Black / Metallic Gray
Side Panel Ventilated mesh side panel
Body Material 0.7 mm SECC
Net Weight 19 lbs.
5.25" drive bay (External) 5
3.5" drive bay (External) 2
3.5" drive bay (Internal) 3
Expansion Slot 7
Compatible Mother board ATX / Micro ATX
System Fan(front) One 120 mm silent fan equipped
System Fan (rear) One 120 mm silent fan equipped
I / O Ports Two USB2.0 / One IEEE 1394 / HD audio + AC97
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