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SunbeamTech Tech-Station UV Case
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Final Thoughts:

The SunbeamTech Ultra-Tech Station is hands-down a winner in terms of functionality, looks and ease of use.  This unit has great curb appeal and is very functional.  Unlike other similar products, your drives are held securely in place - as is the power supply so you can move this unit around without worrying about sliding a drive off the rails and buggering it up.  The integrated power, reset, USB and audio is a great touch as well, and the cables are long enough to be routed underneath the motherboard and the whole unit is very tidy.



UV Blue
UV Blue


My only concern would be on how this unit holds up over time.  Acrylic isn't the most durable material, and if you use and abuse it, I'm sure you'll break it.  That being said, it does appear very tough and has the strength to hold a stout system.  I didn't think you could get much better than the HSPC unit, but in my opinion, SunbeamTech takes the cake and ups the ante.


  • Drive racks hold drives nice and stable
  • Motherboard on top permits large HSFs
  • UV Reactive is a very nice effect
  • Room for a total of five drives!
  • Very affordable



  • No fan for additional cooling



This unit is priced quite a bit cheaper than the HSPC Top Deck Tech Station and has similar features.  The SunbeamTech unit trumps it in terms of drive number, looks, features and stability, but I'm not sure if it will last as long - the HSPC unit is built like a tank and Acrylic can crack if mistreated.  Still it scores very well and is a recommended buy if you are thinking of an open testing platform.

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