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Arctic Cooling NC Notebook Cooler
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Arctic NC Performance and Conclusion

Arctic NC Testing:

To get some baseline temperatures for the Ideapad S10e (which actually runs quite hot) we first ran the netbook on a desk under both idle and loaded with Prime95.  While many people won't consistently run their notebook at 100% CPU load, we wanted to see how the cooler performs under the most extreme circumstances.  As the Ideapad S10e is a pretty hot netbook we used this instead of our traditional Thinkpad T61 this time around.  As our test setup has changed, we don't have any comparison numbers this time around, but you can still see how it affects both CPU and hard drive temperatures below.

S10e In Use
S10e In Use


 Arctic NC - Chart


As is the case with most notebook coolers we've tested, the results are not ground breaking by all means.  The Arctic NC helps shave off 1-2°C at low speed and as much as 3°C at high speed with this laptop.  I'm sure that some laptops will benefit more from this cooler than others though, and these are merely our results on our tested machine.  


Final Thoughts:

The Arctic NC can handle notebooks up to 19" in size and even though the notebook sits on the edge of the unit, it still feels solid and stable.  Cooling performance isn't ground breaking though and while it does provide additional cooling, our test setup only measured a mere 3°C improvement at best.  The nice thing is that it does elevate your laptop a little bit and provide you with four extra USB 2.0 ports for added convenience.  For $30 it's not a bad buy, but I feel that the less-than-stellar cooling performance makes it an expensive (and bulky) USB hub and your money might be best spent elsewhere.

That being said, it is one of the quietest notebook coolers we've looked at and if that is your primary concern it may be a worthy investment.  Also keep in mind that different laptops respond to laptop cooling differently and we only tested the NC on one machine.


  • Quiet operation 
  • Nice fan control
  • Four USB ports



  • Mediocre cooling performance


I'd like to thank Arctic Cooling for sending the NC over for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.