Microsoft Keynote @ CES 2010

CES 2010 is underway in Las Vegas, and Microsoft's keynote speech by Steve Ballmer is one of the first major events that kick-off CES.

Steve Ballmer delivering 2010 CES Keynote Speech


Microsoft has had a busy year in 2009 and has made a bunch of new announcements for 2010. Let's recap some of the big releases by Microsoft in 2009:

Launched in 2009:

  • Bing - Now has over 11 Million users. Now the default search engine on HP computers.
  • Zune now available in 17 countries
  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Windows 7 - Achieved 94% Customer satisfaction
  • XBOX 360 - Monster year for XBOX, over $20 Billion in sales.

The releases for 2010 might not be as big as the ones from 2009, however Microsoft has some very interesting projects that they are working on:

Upcoming in 2010

  • Halo:Reach - newest game in the Halo series to be released Fall 2010 (Beta test Spring 2010)
  • GameRoom - old school games from Intelivision and Atari and older arcade games, Microsoft is planning on adding 1,000 games over the next 3 years.
  • Project Natal - planned launch for the holiday season 2010
  • Bleo (B!) - Ebook reader software
Project Natal
Robbie Back (Microsoft Entertainment) discussing Project Natal

Another interesting announcement that Steve Ballmer made was regarding a new slate PC (Tablet PC) from HP. Not much was said about it, however Ballmer did showcase it (and it was running Windows 7 of course). No other details were released, but it appears that HP is joining the Tablet/Slate market which isn't too surprising.


HP Slate
Steve Ballmer with the unreleased Tablet PC from HP

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