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1101 Dell quits Smartphone business Jason
1102 Intel Slashes Power Consumption Anton "UMadBro?" Isaksson
1103 x86 Still Valid for Many Years: AMD Anton "UMadBro?" Isaksson
1104 Next Xbox for 2013 Holiday Season Anton "UMadBro?" Isaksson
1105 Episode #188 - Facebook Unfriends Zynga & More Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1106 AMD Sells Campus - Hurting Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1107 Europe Pushes 5G umadbro?
1108 Ultra-Stuff Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1109 Samsung Phone Testing Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1110 Nexus 4 + Android 4.2 Action Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1111 Apple Hacker is 19 and Goooood Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1112 Google Does Well With Ads Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1113 Oprah loves the Surface, just not enough to Tweet from it Jason
1114 Microsoft reportedly working on set-top box version of Xbox Jason
1115 Windows 1.0 Revisited Jason
1116 Episode #186 - Xbox Live Turns 10, Wii U Celebrates a Launch Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1117 Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1118 Xbox Live turns 10 Jason
1119 Google launches 1 Gbps Internet Service Jason
1120 Is the iPad Mini the beginning of Apple's decline? Jason
1121 Mobile News Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1122 Microsoft's Windows 8 President Leaves Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1123 Android 4.2 Lands Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1124 Episode #185 - Samsung's Next Big Thing - Google's Nine Worthless Things Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1125 Samsung Galaxy S III is the king of Q3 Jason
1126 The 9 biggest wastes of Google's time and money Jason
1127 Apple May Ditch Intel Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1128 Android hits 75% market share Jason
1129 Apple has to say sorry again Jason
1130 OUYA Gets Jelly Bean, Hardware Detailed Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1131 iPad Nano? Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1132 Smartglass for Android Available Now Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1133 Google Nexus 10 on Video Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1134 More to come.. Jason
1135 Nokia Drops Jason
1136 Apple says "I'm Sorry" to Samsung Jason
1137 Microsoft Surface TV Spot Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1138 FBI Issues Android Warning Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1139 LG Nexus 4 Review Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1140 iPad Mini likely to be released Oct.23 Jason
1141 OnLive sold for $4.8 Million Jason
1142 Android 4.2 Shows Up Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1143 Balmer Says Microsoft Will Be A Hardware Company Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
1144 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Bigger is Better Benjamin "Zeus" Heide

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