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Reviews here are of printers, multi-function units, mice, keyboards and such.

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1 Genius Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse Chris "Deckard" Labombard
2 Tt eSPORTS Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard David Wiebe
3 Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
4 ROCCAT Lua Gaming Mouse Eric "Ironman" Johnsen
5 Rosewill RGB80 Mechanical Keyboard Regina "Tigger" McDougall
6 ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
7 Rosewill Apollo Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Chris "Deckard" Labombard
8 Feenix Nascita Mouse and Dimora Pad Regina "Tigger" McDougall
9 ROCCAT Siru Gaming Mouse Pad Eric "Ironman" Johnson
10 Genius GX Maurus X Gaming Mouse William "HooRaH" Carls
11 ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Jay "MegaHz" Morrison
12 SteelSeries APEX Gaming Keyboard William "HooRaH" Carls
13 ROCCAT Raivo High-Velocity Gaming Mousepad David "Wildcat" Wiebe
14 Roccat Kone XTD Mouse and Hiro Mousepad Chris "Deckard" Labombard
15 ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse David "WildCat" Wiebe
16 Genius X-G510 Gaming Mouse David "WildCat" Wiebe
17 CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard David "WildCat" Wiebe
18 Tt eSPORTS Theron Gaming Mouse William "HooRaH" Carls
19 Tt eSPORTS Ladon Mousepad William "HooRaH" Carls
20 CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard David "WildCat" Wiebe
21 CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
22 CM Storm Speed-RXL & Skorpion Bungee Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
23 Hades Acheron A3 Gaming Mousepad William "HooRaH" Carls
24 Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Regina "Tigger" McDougall
25 ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse Jason
26 CM QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
27 HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
28 SteelSeries Simraceway S1 Steering Wheel Regina "Tigger" McDougall
29 SteelSeries Sensei Pro Grade Laser Mouse Regina "Tigger" McDougall
30 NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
31 iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
32 Zowie Gear G-TF Speed Mousepad William "HooRaH" Carls
33 Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard William "HooRaH" Carls
34 Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse William "HooRaH" Carls
35 Tt eSPORTS Conkor Gaming Mouse Pad William "HooRaH" Carls
36 Swiftpoint Micro Mouse Ryan "Howdy" Ward
37 Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider
38 Razer Nostromo n52te Gamers Keypad Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
39 Tt eSPORTS Dasher Gaming Mouse Pad Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
40 Tt eSPORTS Challenger Pro Keyboard Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
41 Arctic M551 Gaming Mouse William "HooRaH" Carls
42 Arctic K381 Multi-Function Keyboard William "HooRaH" Carls
43 Arctic M571 Laser Gaming Mouse Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
44 Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Gamepad Regina "Tigger" McDougall
45 Samsung SCX-5635FN Multi-Function Laser Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
46 SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
47 SteelSeries 9HD Pro Gaming Surface Michael "Cottonmouth" Bollinger
48 NZXT IU01 USB Expansion Module Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
49 ZOWIE GEAR G-TF Mousepad Ben "Epithanatios" Guenter
50 Modtek Mini Flexible Keyboard Benjamin "Zeus" Heide

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