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General Mayhem / Hack Your Tesla Autopilot
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:59:01 pm »
Tesla has a safety feature that requires you to keep your hands on the wheel - even with the self-assist (autopilot) turned on. Thankfully, there is a way to hack this so you can take a nap while your car hurtles you down the highway toward your impending doom. It's not super high-tech, but it's high ingenuity.


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General Mayhem / Microsoft Surface is Glue-Heavy and Unrepairable
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:56:03 pm »
The Microsoft Surface Laptop seems a little odd when it comes to target audience. It is also odd that with the repairability of the Microsoft Surface tablet being pretty solid, they decided to glue everything in the Surface Laptop to make it literally unrepairable. While there are some benefits to this design, hardware does fail, and unless you ship it back to Microsoft for warranty, the chances are good that it will become a very pricey paperweight.

   Teardown is the word of the day, and today we plan to dive into Microsoft's new Surface Laptop. Will this carpeted Alcantara clad laptop excel in our teardown room? The power is in our hands. Let's get to the point... Ladies and gents, it's teardown time! And there's even more where that came from! Check out our Surface Pro 5 teardown to get your fill of all the latest Microsoft hardware.    

Source: iFixit

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General Mayhem / Buy One Get One Free: Samsung Galaxy S8
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:50:59 pm »
Samsung is pushing hard to get their devices into the hands of as many people as possible and with the latest buy one, get one free deal applying to the Galaxy S8, there isn't a better time to buy one than now - if you're a T-Mobile customer. That is pretty much the only requirement in order to get this deal. The second device is free with an instant rebate, so  there will be no waiting to get money back or bill credit.

   Unlike other deals, where you had to activate a new line or lease both phones, Samsung’s offer just requires that you activate one of the two S8s on an existing T-Mobile line through Samsung’s website, after which the company will issue you a $750 refund to cover the second phone on your original method of payment within seven to 10 days.Source: TheVerge 

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LAN & General Gaming / The PC WIns E3 Thanks to Microsoft
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:47:35 pm »
Thanks to Microsoft and a few of their upcoming titles, the PC had a very strong showing this year at E3. In fact, the PC has more games coming in 2017 tha either of the big mainstream consoles and far more than the Nintendo Switch. While the Switch is a solid device in its own right, it's kind of embarrasing to see how few titles actually make it to Nintendo's latest platform. The PC is alive and well, and looks like it will continue for the rest of the year at least.

   Of course there’s been a bit of a surprising twist at E3 this year, as Microsoft chose to shift focus from Xbox exclusivity to a shared Windows 10/Xbox One environment, causing a nice boost to the PC as a platform when it comes to the sheer number of big titles it’ll see in the coming months. This move is hardly surprising, considering that as far as platforms go Windows 10 and the Xbox One are as close to cousins as any gaming systems can get, but the result is a huge win for PC gamers, who are rewarded with more new titles rolling out from the big names in the industry for PC than any other gaming platform.Source: GameCrate

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LAN & General Gaming / Atairi Working on New Game Console
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:55:11 pm »
The word on the street is that Atari is working on a new game console. The word is further solidified by the CEO of Atari confirming the rumor. My fear is that the Atari will simply be a miniturized version of the Atari 2600 and have a bunch of pre-loaded retro games that seem to be all the rage these days. While the idea is nice, the amount of time people play retro games is quite limited and while the nostalgia is great, the experience often isn't. Time will tell what they lauch - hopefully later this year.

   Source: VentureBeat

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General Hardware / iPad Pro is Clear Example that Apple is #2
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:51:34 pm »
Microsoft has come out and made the complaint official. The iPad Pro is a rip-off of the Surface series of products from Microsoft. This puts Apple as a copier, not an innovator and while we've known this for years, it's not often that a Microsoft executive will come out and tell it like it is. The thing that makes the iPad Pro less of an option over the Microsoft Surface is that the iPad Pro still runs a mobile OS and therefore is limited when it comes to overall functionality. The Microsoft Surface, on the other hand, has a full OS and is much more usable for mainstream and workstation tasks.

   Surface Pro, Laptop, and Book are the company's mobile computers, but Microsoft has recently launched its all-in-one Surface Studio as well. Business Insider asked Gavin whether the iMac Pro — just unveiled at Apple's WWDC developer conference earlier this month — would prompt Microsoft to follow suit and make a machine more suited for people demanding raw power.Source: BusinessInsider

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General Mayhem / Spotify Tops 140 Million Users
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:47:12 pm »
Spotify is on the way up in a hurry. Back in March, they claimed to have 50 million monthly users - which is the same amount that Netflix has in the USA - not a bad crowd at all. Things have been heating up since then however, as they now have nailed the 140 million user mark. While this seems like a fantastic service, currently Spotify hasn't secured licensing deals with Sony or Warner music, and until that happens, they are just one meeting from virtual oblivion. With this kind of user base, Sony and Warner think they can milk the service, and that in turn could push it deeper in debt and into the pages of history as another failed streaming service.

   The numbers are truly massive, and they show just how much of a lead Spotify has over Apple Music, which recently announced it has 27 million subscribers. Given its subscriber growth rate, Spotify should have no trouble keeping its lead as the biggest paid music streaming service over Apple. But while that may be comforting to Spotify, right now its troubles are largely financial.Source: TheVerge

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General Mayhem / YotaPhone 3 is Coming
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:42:51 pm »
It's been a while since the original YotaPhone was launched and the dual-screen (one LCD and one e-Ink) device showed promise. The YotaPhone 2 was a worth successor as it had a solid hardware package as well as better screens front and back. Now the YotaPhone 3 is coming and while I hoped for a mid-range to high-end device to help curb my eBook reader and mutlimedia desires, it looks like the YotaPhone 3 is going to be mid-range at best. The phone will be priced my more attractively though - which I'm sure is the biggest reason for the lower specs. 

   Now, a couple months after its last update in May, at an event in China, the firm has once again announced that the YotaPhone 3 is coming. Although the company was fairly mum about a majority of the details of the handset, it did manage to give pricing, which should see the phone come in at $350 for the 64GB version, while the 128GB model will arrive at $450. Naturally, like its predecessor, the handset will arrive with a dual screen, one full color and the other being an E-ink.Source: Neowin

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General Hardware / Alienware & Dell Bet Big on Threadripper
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:18:41 pm »
Dell and Alienware are betting big when it comes to AMDs Threadripper CPU. Alienware has two separate systems based on the new Threadripper CPU and is betting big that VR will start to really matter this year. In addition to Threadripper, they are putting some serious graphics power in their laptops with the GeForce GTX 1080 Max-Q. It looks to be a good summer for hardware.

   Alienware and Dell head into this year's E3 with a triad of new PC gaming systems and components – high-end Alienware gaming desktops with new multi-core processor options, a full range of performance gaming monitors and peripherals with Alienware's signature design and a new Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop bringing VR to all. Alienware and Dell continue to demonstrate why, together, they have become a leading PC gaming brand worldwide with gaming solutions for players of all levels and budgets.Source: PRNewsWire

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General Mayhem / 5 Billion Mobile Accounts Globally
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:15:36 pm »
Wireless phones are ultra popular and it's amazing how many people rely completely on wireless devices - rather than a hardline. The downside is that networks can get congested, but the good news is that companies like Samsung are doing quite well. As of this week, there are now 5 billion active mobile subscribers globally. That means that only about 2 billion people (adults and children alike) are NOT connected. Zing!

   Because of the relatively low subscriber penetration in India, the country is expected to lead the market growth with an expected 310 million new unique subscribers by 2020. By the same time, GSMA predicts the world will achieve 5.7 billion unique mobile subscribers.Source: Neowin

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General Mayhem / Tesla SUV Nails Crash Rating
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:12:49 pm »
Tesla has had a rough time with some crashes being catastrophic. With all that Lithium inside a car, things can go wrong - and go wrong very quickly. Still, the good news on the horizon is that their latest SUV has actually received a full five stars - in every category of the crash tests. This is awesome and Tesla is in fact the only SUV to achieve 5-stars in all tests.

   We engineered Model X to be the safest SUV ever, and today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that after conducting independent testing, it has awarded Model X a 5-star safety rating in every category and sub-category, making it the first SUV ever to earn the 5-star rating across the board. More than just resulting in a 5-star rating, the data from NHTSA’s testing shows that Model X has the lowest probability of injury of any SUV it has ever tested.Source: Tesla

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General Mayhem / Neflix Places Limits on Downloads
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:10:21 pm »
When Netflix finally allowed downloads for offline viewing, many of us rejoiced. Now it seems that they have imposed a limit of how many times you can download a particular media file. While they claim they aren't the ones setting the limit, it is important to know that you can only download the same movie about 4-5 times within a year. Those details are pretty fuzzy, but it seems that their is a limit and it could easily catch you by surprise.

   Currently, all content downloaded from Netflix has an expiration date. After a certain amount of time, you have to "refresh" the download. Caching a video always counts as a download whether you're downloading on a new device or just refreshing an existing download. After a few downloads, some episodes and movies will pop up a warning that explains you can only download them one more time before a particular date (probably a year from the first download).Source: AndroidPolice

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General Mayhem / Social Media is Harmful
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:55:13 pm »
Social Media is a lot like McDonalds. We all know it's not good for us, but there is something about those fries, yummy gossip and the desire for instant gratification when it comes to information. The reality is that it, in fact, is really bad for you. Social media is super addicting - like a real addiction for many people and harmful to your mind as the tendancy is to look for other for constant affirmation. Grow up and rely on your self - not others to tell you if you suck or not.

   Most of us rely partly on the ability to reflect on our thinking, feeling and behaving to form our own self-image. The problem with social media is that self-image relies mainly on others and their opinions. A recent study found higher narcissism (an exaggerated self-image of intelligence, academic reputation or attractiveness) in millennial college students, compared with previous generations. This does not bode well for a society where self-reflection is key to making informed and balanced decisions.Source: Phys

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LAN & General Gaming / Far Cry 5 E3 Trailer
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:51:34 pm »
With E3 happening this week, there is a ton of game news and a plethora of game trailers. I have watched a few, but this one looks pretty interesting to me. Many trailers don't leave me wanting and wondering more, but this one sure does.


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