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Alrighty then.  Welcome to the PolarFLO Q&A.  In this thread you can ask questions of Steve, the man who designs and builds PolarFLO components.


[*]All of the previous rules of this Forum apply to the Q&A.  Please read them if you haven't already. [*]Please be courteous, and let others post questions.[*]Enjoy!  PolarFLO has taken time from his weekend to answer some questions.  Thanks man![/list]

When the Q&A is in progress, you will have to hit refresh on your browser occasionaly to make sure you're up to speed.

Howdy PFlo,

question,  what kind of a cleaner would you recomment for cleaning hoses and copper waterblocks in a typical watercooling system.    Mine seem to get  a milky white residue on the hoses even though I use distilled water.

You have mentioned that you're in the process of manufacturing GPU Blocks.  Is there a date in mind taped out, or is it still too early to tell?

Reply to the first question from Howdy Duty by proxy ;)

The "hybrid" design, i.e. AL and CU, was chosen for durability, cost and versatility.  The drawback of creating galvanic action (between two dissimilar metals) is a factor but can be reduced by using a water-wetter or a ethylene or polypropylene glycol mix.  In our test systems winshield washer fluid works great!! Straight windshield washer fluid... yes!

Reply to Nicao
We get the same "clouding effect" on our hoses too.  We have not yet tried to clean these hoses.  My best guess would be to use a mild detergent with a little vinegar.  Then throughly rinse the system before putting the coolant back.  Again, this is my best guess.

Next ;D

Is your company able to ship to Canada?


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