Author Topic: AMD Ryzen Crushes Mac Pro  (Read 305 times)

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AMD Ryzen Crushes Mac Pro
« on: April 09, 2017, 08:05:52 pm »
While this article is pretty nifty and all, you have to remember that the Mac Pro is getting long in the tooth. While it is a fantastic piece of hardware in its own right, the price now at $5,660 for a load Mac Pro is a little steep when compared to current PC prices and the fact that a Ryzen 1700. This is pretty cool as they have it running a Photoshop benchmark, which is a good indicator of real-world performance in the content creation space.

   Using a Photoshop Benchmark based on a Radial Blur action released by photographer Keith Simonian, Tech Guy found that an operation that takes the Mac Pro 15 seconds to complete only takes 8.8 seconds on the Ryzen-powered PC. He then overclocked the Ryzen PC to 3.5GHz and was able to complete the test in 7.7 seconds.   Source: PetaPixel

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