Author Topic: Google Puts Native Ad Blocker in Canary and Dev Chrome Builds  (Read 398 times)

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Google has decided to put a native Ad-Blocker in their latest build of Chrome browser. They still offer the ability to install ad-blocking extensions, but once their version hits the mainstream channels, I'm sure that they will make it harder and more clunky to use third-party applications. I get ad-blocking from sure, but as a content producer, it bugs me on a certain level. As such, I don't use ad-blockers myself, but certainly don't blame people who do. Google's big drive here is that their blocker will block non-Google ads, but allow their ads to pass through.

   It may seem strange that Google is introducing an ad blocker to its browser, given that its core business is in online advertising. It actually makes a lot of sense, as the ads that will be blocked will be the intrusive ones that have nothing to do with Google. The standards will be agreed upon by members of the Coalition for Better Ads, including Google. By blocking the offending ads, the company hopes to dissuade users from installing third party blocking software that does impact its business.Source: AndroidPolice

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