Author Topic: S9 Camera Should Be Amazing  (Read 261 times)

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S9 Camera Should Be Amazing
« on: November 28, 2017, 07:59:23 pm »
When it comes to a moder smartphone, one of the features that really set them apart is the camera. All cameras are not created equal and while megapixel count is nice, quality of those pixels is much nicer. Apple and Samsung have been neck and neck with their cameras, but the S9 could take the cake hands down. It looks like the S9 will have an incredibly fast f/1.5 aperture, and the most interesting thing is that it could be an adjustable aperature. Depth of field and hyperfocal options become available - not through processing, but through good old solid photography.

   A larger aperture allows more light to enter the sensor, so it should provide better images in low light conditions. The ability to adjust the aperture should allow you to add different effects to your images, such as a more natural bokeh than the fake one that comes from dual-lens configurations.Source: Neowin

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