Android App Pick - Super Monkey Ball 2


Application: Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Ed.

It's a bird, it's a plane!  It's Super Monkey Ball!!  Maybe he's not your normal hero, but if you're a big fan of primates you may be pretty excited with it!  Okay, this game doesn't have anything to do with super hero relations other than achieving levels and bananas.  I've played most of my Super Monkey Ball career on the Nintendo DS, but am happy that it is now available for Android Phones.  This app is not free, but I managed to pick it up on a $0.10 App sale.  When I installed the App it asks to do a big installment and downloads a lot of data that unpacks a bunch of levels.  Even with the big download it doesn't take that long over WiFi. It may be a big download but it’s worth it!!



To play, you simply travel through the obstacle-strewn levels which save at about every 10 levels.  You get to pick your monkey character that gets placed into a "hamster" ball to roll around in.  Its motion sensitive, so you just simply move your phone up, down, sideways left or right to move the silly monkey ball around collecting bananas along the way and making it to the finish line through a windy obstacle course! There six stages to play through with a number of levels in them.  They start off easy, but get very hard as you go further!



Be a super monkey and save bananas today!!


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