Cleer at CES 2017


Cleer brought a few new products to CES 2017 this year which are a set of sport ear buds, a bluetooth speaker, and their first headphones in the audiophile category. They also brought with them some demos of their current product line such as their noise canceling headphones. The Cleer IE Sport Bluetooth headphones have about a five hour battery life, are sweat resistant yet are also adjustable with four different sizes earbuds. These in ear headphones have a little twist that most other in ear headphones don’t have which is a built-in pulse monitor that is also compatible with many of the fitness apps out in the market.



As Cleer enters the very populated bluetooth speaker market, they look to separate themselves with some interesting features for it. The speaker will have a voice-control with press to talk functionality which allows for access to weather, news and the like by saying simple voice commands. It also comes with dual-radiators and digital amplification and can play up to 8 all the while being water and dust resistant. Cleer’s flagship product for CES 2017 is their NEXT audiophile headphones that sport leather earcups and headband along with 40mm ironless magnesium drivers that produce outstanding sound.



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