IDAPT I3 Unversal Desktop Charger


Product: IDAPT I3 Universal Desktop Charger
Provided By: IDAPT
Price: Starting at $49.99 from IDAPT



We live in an age filled with gadgets and most people have at least two devices that they use quite often and need to charge almost daily.  If you live in a house with other people who have gadgets, it's quite possible to have a corner dedicated to charging your devices.  The problem with this idea is the fact it can easily create a rats nest of cable clutter that gets annoying.  The IDAPT series of chargers helps tame the beast and the I2 is used to charge 2 devices at once, while the I3 takes things up a notch and allows you to charge up to 3 devices at once.  What makes the IDAPT products unique is the ability to choose what device connections to use and how many to purchase.  This way you have the ability to charge almost every electronic phone and gadget in your possession.



First Look:

The IDAPT I3 is a pretty basic unit and its simplicity is one of its strongest points.  It comes with three ports that accept over 20 different tips to charge your favorite electronic devices.  The package that IDAPT sent us includes mini USB, micro USB, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPod/iPhone and Nokia tips.  When you order off their website you can choose a bunch of different tips, or a package with 10 of the most popular tips.

 IDAPT Bundle
IDAPT Bundle


Features & Specifications:

The information below has been pulled from the IDAPT product page and re-posted below for your convenience.

IDAPT I3 uses a simple system of interchangeable tips that allows you to charge three portable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, MP3/MP4 players, videogame consoles, Bluetooth devices, digital cameras, etc.) at the same time.

It is idea for personal use in the office or on your nightstand.

Mobile phones (Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Sony-Ericsson....)
Smartphones (Palm, iPhone, HTC, LG, Motorola...)
Headphones, Bluetooth (Motorola, Nokia, Jabra, Samsung...)
GPS (Tomtom, Garmin, Magellan, Navigon, Mio, Navman...)
Games consoles (Nintendo, Sony...)
Camaras (Kodak, Casio...)
AA/AAAA rechargeable batteries (cualquier marca, Energizer, Panasonic, Duracell...)

IDAPT uses a simple and intuitive system of interchangeable tips. Just select the tip and charge.

IDAPT is good for the environment. As a single charger, it avoids duplication and helps limit the production of useless chargers.


With IDAPT, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

The IDAPT is designed to make it comfortable and easy to plug in and unplug electronic devices.

Its original and functional design makes IDAPT a sturdy and comfortable product for everyday use.

IDAPT is compatible with most electronic devices, regardless of make and model.


  • AC Input: 85-240 VAC – 2A; 50/60 Hz worldwide compatible
  • 3 independent chargers with self-regulating power supply
  • DC Output: up to 10,5 W
  • Cord length: 1,6 m
  • Dimensions: 110 x 169 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 285 g


On the next page we'll take a closer look at the IDAPT I3 and try it out and see how it goes.


Closer Look:

The IDAPT is a very simple device.  As seen on the previous page, there  isn't much to the top of the unit.  The rear of the unit is equally unimpressive.  It takes a standard 2-prong power cable and has an on/off switch.  There are three tip options when buying the IDAPT.  You can pick your four favorite tips, take six of the most popular or for an extra $15 you can get 10 tips.  The available tips include AA/AAA Battery, DC Jack, iPod Shuffle, iPod/iPhone, LG 1, microUSB, miniUSB, multitip, Nintendo DS-L, Nintendo DSi, Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Palm, Samsung 1, Samsung 2, Samsung 3, Samsung 4, Sansa, Sony Ericsson 1, Sony Ericsson 2.



While there certainly are a lot of tips available, the lack of a Zune connector really irritates me.  While the Zune may not be the most popular media player on the market, I can't help but think that it should still be supported.  For Pete's sake, the Sansa line of players is supported - the Zune should be as well.  As another point of contention, the E71 phone from Nokia plugs into the proper connector, but it the location of the connector and the weight of the device make it very sketchy and I'd not use it as it could easily snap off and cause some major damage.

Loaded Up
Loaded Up


Final Thoughts:

In the end, the IDAPT I3 is a decent device and if it came loaded up with the iPod, Zune and NDS tips, I'd find it very useful.  The option to pick four of your favorite tips is a great way to get the IDAPT configured for your personal use.  Unfortunately, there is not Zune connector available and hopefully IDAPT will make the Zune one available in the near future.  It does save a lot of cable clutter and our own Fujitsu was sharing his own personal pet peeve of having an entire power bar dedicated to charging different devices.  This is where the IDAPT I3 shines.  It may not be for everyone, but it certainly has a lot of potential.


  • Greatly reduces cable clutter
  • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • Convenient way to charge electronics



  • No Zune connector
  • A bit pricey if you need a lot of tips 


I'd like to thank IDAPT for sending out the I3 for us to take a look at.  It is a good idea that does what it's supposed to, but it's certainly not for every device.  If you have a bunch of devices and need to buy a couple of extra power adapters, this could really help save some cable clutter and even be easier on your wallet that a bunch of extra adapters.