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It's been a while since we've been able to take a look at a case from Thermaltake, but today we are going to change that when we take a look at the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case. This case is a mid-tower size and is aimed at the gaming market and packs a fair amount of features into a solid case.


First Impressions:

Case design has advanced fairly quickly over the past couple years, and now a case with a MSRP of ~$150.00 USD come with a whole lot more features than a case in that price range would have even a year ago. I'll highlight some of the major features of the V9 Black Edition case in this section.

Front View
sideview .jpg
Side View


Right away with the V9 Black Edition case you'll see that cooling was a very big part of the design, and thanks to some big fans, cooling should be the very least of your worries.

topfan .jpg
TTop View
topview .jpg
Top View



pcicards .jpg
Tool-Less PCI Slots
rear2 .jpg
Rear View


One thing to note (as you can see in the pictures above and below, and probably already noticed) is that the power supply will fit into the bottom of the case. This design has become popular recently, and it helps keep the power supply cooler (by drawing air in from the bottom of the case instead of the warm air coming off the CPU). This design is pretty common anymore, and just like with other cases you're going to want to make sure your power supply has long enough connectors to reach all the connections on your motherboard, otherwise you might be shopping for 24-Pin extension cables.

Another interesting feature is a fan filter on the bottom of the case (right below where the power supply goes, pictured below). At first I wondered what the reasoning behind this might be (since most the other fans do not have fan filters). I've come to the conclusion that this is to prevent carpet fibers (since a good majority of users put the case on the floor) and other floor debris from being sucked up into your power supply. This is a welcome feature and might save you an overheating (or malfunctioning) power supply down the road.

psufilter .jpg
Power Supply Filter
topfans .jpg
More Cooling


In the pictures below you'll see that the hard drive rack has a little bit of additional cooling, which is a nice addition for someone who is thinking of adding a couple nice and toasty hard drives.

harddrives .jpg
Hard Drive Rack
hddrack .jpg
Hard Drive Rack Cooling


opticaldrives .jpg
Optical Drive Bays (Tool-Less)


In the picture below (left) you will see the side panel 230mm fan that is included with the V9 Black Edition case. This side panel fan is not included with the V9 case and is one of the features that separates the V9 case with the V9 Black Edition case. This case also has built-in support for water cooler (pictured below, right), which will save you cutting holes in your case if you decide to go the water cooling route.

sidefan .jpg
Side Fan
rear .jpg
Rear Cooling


So there we go, that's what the V9 Black Edition case is all about, let's move onto the next section of this review.


Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case Specifications:


All specifications taken from


  • Side and Top 23cm silent fan
  • Built-in Front 12cm Red LED fan for optimized air flow
  • Black powder coating for stylish inward appearance
  • Metal grilled front panel and stylish black interior
  • Bottom-placed PSU design for better and easier installation
  • MB tray fan hole pre-drilled for better MB ventilation


Detailed Specifications:

Case Type    Mid Tower
Material    0.8 mm SECC
Front Bezel Material   


Color    Black
Side Panel    Solid
Motherboard Support    12" x 9.6" (ATX)
9.6" x 9.6" (Micro ATX)
Motherboard Tray    N/A
5.25" Drive Bay    4
Ext. 3.5" Drive Bay    2
Int. 3.5" Drive Bay    5
Expansion Slots    7
Front I/O Ports    USB 2.0 x 2
HD Audio
Cooling System   

- Front (intake) :
120 x 120 x 25 mm Red LED fan, 1300rpm, 17dBA
- Front (optional) :
140 x 140 x 25 mm
- Rear (exhaust) :
120 x 120 x 25 mm TurboFan, 1300rpm, 17dBA
- Top (exhaust) :
230 x 230 x 20 mm Silent fan, 800rpm, 15dBA
- Side (intake) :
230 x 230 x 20 mm silent fan

Liquid Cooling Capable    Yes
Liquid Cooling Embedded    No
Power Supply Supported    Standard ATX PSII
Power Supply Included    No
Dimension (H*W*D)    16.97 x 7.52 x 18.5 in
431.0 x 191.0 x 470.0 mm
Net Weight   
13.87 lb
6.29 kg
Security Lock    No
Warranty    3 Years




Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case - Installation:

Time to get a system into this case and see how it works, for this testing we will be using one of our Intel test machines which would be considered a mid-range system and should be a good fit for a case like this.

Intel Test System:

Installation of a system into the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case is pretty straight forward, and I can't really see any issues that might arise. Installation is pretty standard and there isn't anything out of the ordinary and like with any case cable management is probably going to take the majority of your time.

The system I used to test out the case is a Micro-ITX board, which fits inside the case with lots of room to spare. Full ATX boards will also have no problems fitting, however like any mid-tower case there isn't going to be an over-abundance of space, but it will fit with no issues.

As you can see in the pictures below, the CPU is not going to be having any cooling issues thanks to the 120mm and 230 mm fans that are positioned near the CPU cooler. While this might almost seem like overkill, I think it gives users a lot of flexibility and also the option to use a fan controller to slow the fans down even more to reduce noise if their CPU isn't running very hot. For users that want to run a nice big hot Quad-core CPU, this extra cooling will be appreciated.

My only complaint about the whole installation process would be the tool-less drive bays. I found the clips that hold the drives (both optical and HDD) to be sometimes a little tricky to get all clipped in properly, and in most cases it took me a couple attempts before I was able to get them secured properly. Once secured the drives are nice and snug and they aren't going to fall out or anything, but I had to fumble with the clips before they clipped in. Now the average user isn't going to be putting drives in and out on a regular basis, so this issue is minor to say the least, but it's worth mentioning as I've seen other tool-less designs that were much simpler.

installed2 .jpg
Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case - Installed
installed .jpg
Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case - Installed


Well, installation was a breeze, let's move onto my final thoughts and give the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case a final score.



Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Final Thoughts:

It had been quite a while since I've taken a look at a case from Thermaltake, but I must say the Thermaltake V9 Black edition case did not disappoint me and I found the quality that Thermaltake cases have become known for the past is still the case.

This case is more aimed at the mid-level (gaming) crowd, and with a MSRP of ~$150.00 USD it's probably a little bit out of the "budget" user's price range. I feel the value is pretty good for this case, and with features like tool-less optical and hard drive bays PCI slots and more than adequate cooling (thanks to 4 included case fans), the MSRP of this case is fair. Chances are good though you'll be able to find this case for much less then MSRP, and at time of publishing we were able to find this case in the sub-$100 USD price range which gives this case some really good value, and in that price range it could be a very popular choice for gamers on a budget.

Probably one of the biggest things I liked about this case was the fact that it is designed for the "gamer" crowd, yet they kept the overall design nice and sleek. Not all gamers need flames and skulls painted all over their cases, and a case like the V9 Black Edition gets the job done while keeping a "Professional" look to it.

The tool-less optical drives and hard drive racks are a nice touch, however if I had to complain about something, it would be about the clips that hold the drives in place. Unless your planning on pulling drives in and out on a regular basis, this really won't be more than a minor annoyance, but I found the clips to sometimes take a little bit of jiggling and convincing to pop in, however once you get them clipped in the drives will be nice and secure and won't be popping out or anything.

One of the biggest questions about any case is going to be "How quiet is it?". The V9 Black Edition case is pretty quiet, however it's not silent (due to all the fans). I noticed that the side panel fan and the smaller 120mm rear fan seemed to be the noisiest of all the fans, however I wouldn't say that they were unbearable or anything and really aren't too bad, but if you were to add a nice fan controller and slow the fans down a little this case could be virtually silent. I was a little surprised that the side panel fan (230mm) was a bit noisy, because the top 230mm fan seems to be pretty quiet and when I unplugged the side panel 230mm and rear 120mm fan it made the entire system pretty quiet, and I'm not sure why that is the case. If you have a beefy system in this case, you'll definitely appreciate the abundant airflow, but for anyone with a mid-range system you could probably very easily throttle the fans down even further with a fan controller and still have more than enough cooling (and make your case pretty much silent in the process).

At the end of the day the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case is a decent choice, and I was happy overall with the quality and features that it offers. This case doesn't offer anything ground breaking for features, but what it does do is provide the features that gamers need, all while looking professional. There has been a lot of thought put into the minor details of this case, and I think gamers on a budget will appreciate them. Thanks to the high quality of this case, and the assortment of features it offers, the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case has earned our Editors Choice award. If you're in the market for a new case, this case is worthy of your consideration.



  • Tool-Less Drive Bays and PCI Slots
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Sleek Design
  • More Than Adequate Cooling



  • Nothing Major



 Top Pick - Gold!


I'd like to thank Thermaltake for sending us the V9 Black Edition Case. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.