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Today we've got a new case on the test bench from the folks over at NZXT, the Lexa S. This case comes from NZXT's Crafted Series which features other cases like the Zero 2 (which we reviewed over here) and the Guardian 921 (which we reviewed over here). The Lexa S is aimed at gamers and enthusiasts and offers features that will make their lives easier.

First Impressions:


Lexa S Box
NZXT Lexa S- Packaging
Side Profile
NZXT Lexa S - Side View

As you can see in the pictures below the Lexa S comes with a tinted side window with a fan installed in the side panel (4 fans in total in this case).

Side View
NZXT Lexa S- Side View (Window)
Front Side Profile
NZXT Lexa S - Side View

The Lexa S is really all about the airflow and in the pictures below you can see 3 of the 4 included fans (4th fan is mounted in the front of the case to cool the hard drive rack). The rear fans as well as the side panel fan are both 120mm, and the top fan is a 140mm fan (there is also room for an additional 140mm or 120mm fan in the top of the case). Thanks to all of these included fans airflow shouldn't be much of an issue and it should be able to keep pretty much any system nice and cool.

NZXT Lexa S- Side View
Lexa S Front & Back
NZXT Lexa S - Front and Rear View

The drive bays in the front of this case are all concealed with the front cover, when you open up the front panel you also reveal your built-in manual fan controller (which is a nice added bonus). The fan controller works great and will allow you to easily control the 4 included case fans in this case and easily make this case nice and quiet or crank up all the fans if you need some extra airflow.

Door Open
NZXT Lexa S- Drive Bays
Lexa S Knobs
NZXT Lexa S - Manual Fan Controller

The accessories that come with this case are pretty decent, and as you can see in the picture below (left) it comes with drive rails which allow you to install all your hard drives and optical drives without using any tools. Also NZXT has included a SSD rack which will allow you to install 2 SSD drives into a hard drive bay.

NZXT Lexa S- Accessories
Side Open
NZXT Lexa S - Inside View

One of the nicest features of the Lexa S is the cable management and as you can see in the picture below (left) they have a rubber grommet on the motherboard tray which will allow you to easily route cables behind the motherboard tray which will allow for a much cleaner look (which is nice since you can see into the case thanks to the side window). The cable management not only makes things look nice and clean, it also makes installation of your motherboard and various devices much easier and helps reduce cable clutter.

Cable Grommets
NZXT Lexa S- Cable Management
Hole In Mobo Tray
NZXT Lexa S - Cables


NZXT Lexa S Testing and Installation:

The installation and testing section of any case review is pretty straight-forward, we install a system into the case and see how it goes.

One of the features of the Lexa S is the cable management, and as you will be able to see in the next couple of pictures, it works pretty well and helps reduce cable clutter. Especially when you have a window in the side of your case you are probably going to want to take a little extra care in trying to make things nice and neat, and the Lexa S makes that easy.

cablemanagement3 .jpg
NZXT Lexa S- Hard Drive Installed (Front View)
harddrive2 .jpg
NZXT Lexa S - Hard Drive Installed

Thanks to the cable management of the Lexa S most of the cable clutter is in the rear of the case where you can't see it, as you can see in the picture below (left).

cablemanagement .jpg
NZXT Lexa S- Hard Drive Installed (Rear View)
cablemanagement2 .jpg
NZXT Lexa S - Cable Management

In the next set of pictures (right) you can see there is a square hole in the motherboard tray, which might not seem like a big deal, but it allows you to install an aftermarket cooler that requires a back bracket without having to remove your motherboard, which is a great feature for anyone who thinks they might want to upgrade their cooling solution in the future.

harddrive .jpg
NZXT Lexa S- Hard Drive Installed
tray .jpg
NZXT Lexa S - Motherboard Tray

So there we go, we've got the system installed and it all worked like advertised and looks relatively neat. For our installation we used the NZXT Performance Power 800 Watt power supply (reviewed here) which is not a modular power supply so we ended up with a little extra cable clutter. If you wanted an even cleaner look you could pick yourself up a nice modular power supply and clean things up even more.

installed .jpg
NZXT Lexa S- Installed
installed3 .jpg
NZXT Lexa S - Installed


NZXT Lexa S Final Thoughts:

We've had the chance over the past couple years to get a few NZXT cases onto our test bench here at BCCHardware, and the one thing that we've noticed time and time again is the value that you get with NZXT. The Majority of the cases we've taken a look at from NZXT have retailed in the sub-$100 dollar range, yet the features and the quality that NZXT offers makes their cases a great choice. There are a ton of choices in the sub-$100 dollar case market, but NZXT makes a pretty good case and the Lexa S that we reviewed today is no different.

Features like built-in fan control, and the inclusion of 4 case fans are a couple of the biggest features that makes the Lexa S very attractive to the consumer. In addition you also get some great cable management features and a case where airflow should never be an issue, and in the past these are some of the features that cheaper cases did not have.

Probably the biggest drawback for some about this case is the styling of the front panel, which comes down to personal preference more than anything else. This case isn't designed for the professional who wants to set it up in a home office, this case is aimed at the Gamer and Enthusiast who wants something unique and different from all the square cases available on the market.

At the end of the day it's pretty easy to like the NZXT Lexa S mid-tower case thanks to all the features that come included with this case. The most amazing part of this case is that it's not going to cost you much either (at time of publishing ~$80.00 USD), yet you still get a high quality case with features that in the past have been in much more expensive cases. Thanks to the great value and high quality of this case we have awarded the NZXT Lexa S our "Editor's Choice Gold" award.



  • Great Cable Management Features
  • Affordable MSRP
  • Excellent Cooling
  • Included Fan Controller



  • Nothing Major





I'd like to thank NZXT for sending us the Lexa S. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.