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Today we are going to take a look at a new case from AZZA, the new Helios 910R Mid-Tower case. This is the second case we've taken a look at from AZZA, a few months back we had the chance to check out the AZZA Solano 1000 Mid-Tower case (full review here) and overall we were very happy with it.

The AZZA Helios 910R is aimed at the budget market and carries of a MSRP of under $100.00 CAD. At the time of publishing we found this case online for $66.99 CAD ($91.99 - $25.00 Manufacturers Mail-in Rebate) which makes it very affordable for the gamer on a budget who still wants a nice looking case. The Helios 910R does not come with a power supply.

First Impressions:

AZZA Helios 910R Case - Front View
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Front View


box .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Box (Front)
boxside .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Box (Side)


As soon as you take the side panel off the AZZA Helios 910R you'll notice that it's red.....very very red. At first I was a little surprised at just how red it actually was (everything inside is painted red), however after a bit it kinda grew on me and it definitely makes this case unique and sets it apart from most other "budget" cases which are traditionally all back with a silver inside.

AZZA Helios 910R Case - Inside View
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Inside View


rear .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Rear View
front .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Front View


All of the hard drive bays (5 1/4 Bays) are mesh which allows for extra airflow which is always nice to have (pictured below, left).

inside .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - 5 1/4 Drive Bays
side2 .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Side View


As you can see in the next pictures (below) on the bottom of the Helios 910R you've got even more airflow and room for yet another fan. Seeing as this case features the power supply in the bottom of the case (which has become very popular lately) there is plenty of airflow for your power supply to draw in cool air from the bottom and then expel it out of the rear of the case. As we continue with this review you'll see that airflow is a major feature of the AZZA Helios 910R case.

usb .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Front USB/Sound Ports
bottom .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Bottom View


In these next pictures below you'll see even more fans (4 fans in total come pre-installed in the Helios 910R). We've got a 140mm fan in the top of the case, another 140mm fan in the front which provides airflow onto the hard drive rack, a 120mm fan in the rear of the case, and of course the large 230mm fan on the side of the case. None of these 4 fans are of 24dBA so noise shouldn't be too much of an issue (we'll see if that is actually the case later on in this review).

side .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Inside View
top .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Top View



All of the PCI slots in the rear of the case feature included thumbscrews (pictured below, right).

fans .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Inside View (Top)
pci .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Inside View (PCI Card Slots)


The hard drive rack in the Helios 910R is removable (pictured below), in order to install a hard drive you will have to remove the rack which is attached with 8 thumbscrews and then comes out which allows you to install your hard drive into the rack.

harddrive .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Hard Drive Rack
rack2 .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Hard Drive Rack


The bottom of the Helios 910R case features some heavy-duty plastic/rubber feet which should prevent this case from ever slipping around. These feet are plastic with rubber bottoms and should prevent the case from ever slipping (if that's a issue your worried about).

Also picture below is the accessories/hardware that comes with the Helios 910R. The included accessories are pretty standard and give you more than enough screws to get your system installed into the case, you also get a few extra thumbscrews to make life easier.

feet .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Bottom View
hardware .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Included Accessories


So there we go, that's a closer look at the AZZA Helios 910R, let's move onto the next sections and see how it performs.


AZZA Helios 910R Case Specifications:



All Specifications Taken From


Helios 910R from AZZA is engineered to satisfy the needs of PC Enthusiasts and Gamers. With today's gaming components producing so much heat, AZZA understands the importance of thermal management. A 140mm red fan is top-mounted to exhaust the hot air produced by the CPU operation. A monster 230mm red LED fan is installed on the side for cold air intake. One 140mm red LED fan is installed in the front panel, drawing cold air in to cool the HDD cage. And a120mm fan in the back panel exhausts hot air out of the system. In short, Helios' superior thermal management boasts one 230mm monster fan, two 140mm fans and one 120mm fan that act in coordination to cool your system.


With our adjustable PSU support bridge located in the bottom, your PSU may be installed with its fan facing either up or down, for air intake or exhaust. The choice is entirely yours. The pre-drilled fan holes right underneath all but help to eliminate the PSU as one of the heat sources in the case!

Besides keeping it cool, what about functionality and convenience? With nine 5.25¡± and four 3/5¡± drives bays, you'll have all the room you need to build your dream system in this case. The USB and Audio ports are conveniently located on the side of the front panel, designed for easy access. Furthermore, our cable management allows your cables to be routed behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray, thus minimizing clutter and improving airflow.

Last but not least, to make your chassis stand out, AZZA painted the interior red. With the bright red paint on the inside and a cool black paint on the outside, Helios 910R's aesthetic appeal is second to none!


Model Name: Helios 910R
Model Number: CSAZ-910R
Type: ATX Mid Tower
Color: Black/Red interior
Material: Japanese SECC Steel
With Side Panel Window: No
With Power Supply: No
Motherboard Compatibility: ATX, Micro-ATX, E-ATX(12"x10.3")
External 5.25" Drive Bay: 9
External 3.5" Drive Bay: 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bay: 4
Expansion: 7
Front Ports
Front Ports 4 x USB, Audio, Mic
Cooling System
230mm Fan: 1 x 230mm red LED silent fan (24DBA) on side
140mm Fan: 1x140mm red LED silent fan (19DBA) in front
1x140mm red fan on the top
120mm Fan: 1x120mm fan in rear
Physical Spec
Dimensions (H x W x D): 19.7" (500mm) x 8.1" (205mm) x 18.1" (460mm)

Ultra-efficiency Cooling System: 1 x 140mm top fan (exhaust)
1 x 230mm side fan (intake)
1x 140mm front fan (intake), providing exceptional air flow to cool the HDD
1 x 120mm rear fan (exhaust)
Bottom-mounted Power Supply: Power supply is bottom-mounted, can be installed facing either up or down. Pre-drilled holes located at bottom, allowing efficient air flow when power supply is installed facing downward
Cable Management: Cable is organized behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray, allowing better cable routing and internal air flow
Easy Assembling: Thumb screw design for easy assembling of optical drive and HDD; Thumb screw design also for the side panel
Maximum Compatibility: Compatible with Full ATX, Micro ATX and all kinds of Nvidia, ATI long graphic card, and most water cooling systems; Server-like HDD cages can accommodate up to 4 HDD; equipped with 1 x 140mm front fan for overheat prevention
USB & Audio Ports Located on Top: USB & audio ports are located on the front panel, allowing easy access



Testing and Installation

Installation of our test system in to the Helios 910R was pretty straightforward and we didn't run into any major snags along the way. The AZZA Helios 910R features holes in the motherboard tray for easier cable management which made things a bit cleaner (and if you have a modular power supply you can tidy things up even more). As you can see in the pictures below everything fit great and we still have very decent airflow thanks to the 4 fans that come pre-installed in the Helios 910R.

installed .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - System Installed
installed2 .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - System Installed


My biggest beef with the AZZA Helios 910R case would be the hard drive rack. The hard drive rack isn't terrible, however in order to install a hard drive you need to remove the enclosure from the case (8 thumbscrews, 4 on each side) and then remove the rack and then install the drive into the rack then finally reinstall the rack once again. This isn't the end of the world for most users, however some simple tool-less drive bays would have made installation a bit easier.


harddrive .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Hard Drive Rack (Installed)
rack2 .jpg
AZZA Helios 910R Case - Hard Drive Rack


There we go, system is installed and ready to go, let's move onto the final thoughts.


AZZA Helios 910R Case Final Thoughts:

This is the second case we've look at from AZZA, and so far we've been very impressed here at BCCHardware at the quality of AZZA's cases so far. The sub $100 dollar case range has a ton of competition, but AZZA seems like they've got some products that are able to make a pretty good case (no pun intended) for themselves.

The paint job on the AZZA Helios 910R might not be for everyone, however I can see it being popular with the user that doesn't want their case to look like everyone else's (and many sub $100 dollar cases have a tendency to start to look very similar).

Quality-wise I have no issues with the Helios 910R, overall it's a well built case and we had no issues with installation. The inclusion of 4 fans also makes this case a very good deal and the value of the Helios 910R is really the biggest selling point for this case.

After we got our system all installed it was time to fire it up, and I was a little bit worried about how loud this beast might be thanks to the 4 fans that come pre-installed, however, my fears were unfounded as all 4 fans run under 24dBA so they aren't going to be very loud at all. This case isn't silent, but it is pretty quiet which sometimes isn't the case for cases in the sub $100 dollar range.

At the end of the day I was very happy with the AZZA Helios 910R Mid-Tower case. The Helios 910R is a solid case with tons of features that you might expect to find in cases twice the price. Thanks to the good value and great quality we have awarded the AZZA Helios 910R with our "Editor's Choice - Gold" award.



  • Good Case for a Gamer on a Budget
  • Plenty of Airflow
  • Easy Installation
  • High Quality Construction



  • Nothing Major


  • Quality 9/10
  • Installation 9/10
  • Features 9.5/10
  • Value 9.5/10
  • Overall - 9.25




I'd like to thank AZZA for sending us the Helios 910R case. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.