Edifier Bric Bluetooth Speaker Dock


Product: Edifier IF330BT Bric Portable Bluetooth Docking Speaker System
Provided By: Edifier
Price: $99.99 MSRP (Find Lowest Price on Edifier Here)


It hasn't been all that long since we took a look at the Edifier Sound-To-Go USB Speakers and today we are following up with a speaker system that is a little more universal.  The Edifier Bric speakers resemble a traditional iPhone/iPod dock, but also include Bluetooth to give them a more universal application.  The Bric speakers are portable, and as such run on batteries as well as by a wall-plug.  They offer more robust sound than the Sound-To-Go and they provide a nice package for the $99.99 MSRP price tag.

These speakers make an appeal to a lot of people as they include a remote that works both with the iProducts as well as Bluetooth connected devices that support A2DP protocols.  We'll find out on the following pages just how well they perform and if they are worth spending your money on.

Brick Box

The Edifier Bric is part of their "Image" series and is one of five Bluetooth products that they currently offer.  This product claims good sound quality, a wide range of compatibility and enough features to make it worth considering.  Keep on reading and we'll find out just how good this dock actually is.


About Edifier:

You can find out more about Edifier over here.  For those of you that just want the low-down, take a look below.

The mission for Edifier originates from the unrelenting pursuit of high quality sound. It is the goal of Edifier to provide the highest level of quality, not just limited to sound, but to be present in every aspect and level of doing business. Edifier aims to become an internationally recognized leader, in providing premium audio solutions to suite any environment. Edifier will remain true the foundations that have evolved the company, fostered its growth and molded its colleagues, by continuing to ensure that all involved with Edifier have the ability to express and exhibit creativity, demonstrate and pursue growth personally and professionally, continue to shape and share the Edifier passion, and remain consistently and heavily involved with the successful future of the Edifier brand.
The philosophy of Edifier International revolves around an unrelenting pursuit of high quality audio, no matter the application. From a dream to an artist's sketch, to the form of a product complete with soul, substance with uncompromised design elegance. Edifier International has a passion for audio excellence that is without question focused on just one ideal, to provide the end user with the very best audio experience possible, with unquestionable design and elegance.


First Impressions:

We certainly aren't unfamiliar with Edifier, and they recently launched some of the most unique speakers we saw at CES 2012.  Edifier claims to have a "Passion for Sound" and we have noticed that while the brand-name doesn't gain the same recognition as other high-end speaker companies, Edifier always aims to release solid products that sound as good as they look.  While their products may not be the loudest, or the most expensive - the have great quality and usually have good value.

The bundle they include with the Bric is pretty inclusive - but pretty spartan at the same time.  The dock connector is designed to work with pretty much every Apple device since the 3rd generation iPod Touch and the iPhone 3GS.  It worked with every Apple device we tried.


Edifier is pretty proud of their brand, and as always, their name is prominently displayed on their products.  Once you get a first look at the Bric you can understand why.  It has clean lines and a nice look that makes it fit in almost anywhere.

Front View

The rear of the unit doesn't look quite as classy, but it's functional and you can see the option of the line-in jack as well.  This way, the device works for Apple products via the dock connector, any Bluetooth device that supports audio streamine and everything else that comes with a 1/8" audio jack.  That pretty much covers every audio device made since the original Walkman.

Rear Profile

On the next page we'll cover some of the features of the Bric and take a look at the specifications before we jump into testing.


As always, please make sure to check out the manufacturers site for all the details regarding any products we review here at BCCHardware.  We've posted a few of the features and specifications for your convenience, but for updated information and all of the details, please check out the product page here.

Front Close

  • iPod / iPhone Pivoting Dock
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Wireless Remote with Full Menu navigation
  • Battery and AC Power Option (6 AA batteries not included)
  • Class D Amplifier
  • Bass Reflex Port to Enhance Bass Sound
  • Travel Pouch and Auxiliary cable included





  • Power Output:
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:
  • Distortion:
  • Frequency Response:
  • Input Type:
  • Input Sensitivity:
  • Adjustment:
  • Speakers:
  • UnBoxed:
RMS 6W x 2 (THD+N=10%, f0-=1KHz)
≥80 dBA
≤ 0.5%
200Hz~20KHz (@+/- 6db)
AUX / iPod / iPhone / Bluetooth
iPod:  800 mV ± 50mV
Top mounted buttons, wireless remote control
Two x 2 3/4 “ (70mm), both magnetically shielded, 8ohm
5.24” x 3.54” x 11.81” (133mmx90mmx300mm)




The Bric BT portable speaker system is the perfect audio companion for home, office and travel. With Bluetooth capabilities for wireless streaming, the BricBT features a hide-away / pivoting dock and wireless remote. It also comes with a travel slip case for protection while on the go. Music can be played wirelessly via Bluetooth, through any iPod/iPhone or connected to an external audio host via auxiliary input.


On the next page we'll take a bit of a closer look at the iF330BT speaker and test this out on a few devices.

Closer Look:

The Edifier Bric Portable Bluetooth Docking Speaker System is pretty straightforward and simple to use.  As we showed on the previous page, there is a remote included with the Bric that works for both iPod/iPhone devices as well as compatible Bluetooth-connected devices.  If you are an Apple user, simply swing out the dock connector at the bottom, drop in your device and you're good to go.

 Dock With Remote

The device can be plugged into the wall or powered by six "AA" sized batteries.  There is no charging circutry in the device so you'll have to charge your own batteries or use non-rechargeable batteries at your own expense.

Bottom Battery Door

This BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) idea helps keep the cost of the Bric down, and probably helps them require less certification, but it does mean there will be some after-sales cost to operating the Bric.  This isn't necessarily a downside if you are a happy owner of a bunch of rechargeable batteries (I am.  I have lots for Nikon SB-900 flashes), but it does mean that you should be aware, that you don't simply unplug the unit and run with it.


The overall fit and finish of the Bric iF300BT is pretty sweet.  The pictures below show off the looks and finish of the device.


Power Buttons Sound Hole Top Profile

General Usage & Testing:

This speaker dock has three ways to connect with your favorite audio source and all of them work well.  The Apple dock connector works as advertised and makes a simple connection with pretty much any Apple product we had laying around.  When connected the remote can be used to skip/rewind/power/adjust volume and more.  It performed exactly as advertised.


I connected the dock to my Samsung Nexus S and the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet and both of these worked very well also.  There were no issues and the remote also functioned with these products seemlessly as well.


The iF330BT states that it has a total power output of 6W x 2 (12W) and while that may not seem like much, we tested this at BCCHQ South and used our trusty Sound Pressure Level meter and discovered that this little speaker can "pump" out music ~97dbi.  While this won't make you deaf, or disturb your neighbors too much, it is very acceptable and is more than adequate music playback.

The audio quality is not too bad - and for a sub $100 dock, it's actually very good.  The Bric has a pair of 2.75-in (70mm) drivers that provides pretty decent all-around audio.  The audio is pretty well balanced and while bass-heavy pop music sounds a bit on the "thin" side, the overall quality is still pretty decent.  Instrumental music sounded absolutely excellent on the Bric and I enjoyed a few pure piano tracks while taking a listen through these speakers.  Vocals and treble-heavy tracks sounded excellent on this dock as well.
Over the time that I've been using the iF330BT, I used them to listen to a few Audible books and I've been very happy with spoken word quality through these as well.  Sometimes, voices can sound muffled, but the Bric shines here as well.
When it comes to pop music or some bass-heavy tracks, the audio does feel a bit weak.  That being said, they sound significantly better than the Edifier Sound to Go or even the Logitech S315i which I've had around the place for a while.  Really, for a >$100 dock, they sound very good.  In their price range and market segment, these will hold up very well.


The Edifier iF330BT is a great little dock that offers good sound, lots of features and a trio of connectivity options.  Whether you hook up via Bluetooth or the dock connector, the included remote gives you some greater flexibility and access to skip to your favorite track or to adjust volume without crossing the room.
The Bric can fill a room with sound too.  The overall quality rates very high for a sub $100 dock in my book and it's been better than a few of the docks I've had in the past.  While it certainly won't hurt your ears in a decent-sized room, it is loud enough for casual listening and the best thing about it is that it is clear, crisp and doesn't distort when at medium-high volumes.
As previously mentioned, the audio performance is very good - not great in evry situation, but more than adequate.  Bass quality is probably the weakest link on the device, but with a pair of 70mm drivers, it is still pretty decent - again - for such an affordable audio dock.  The Bric sounds clean and is able to keep distortion under control at all but the loudest volume levels.
The value of these speakers is where they really shine.  What they lack in high-end performance, they make up in price.  You should be able to pick these up online for ~$80 pretty easily and for that price, they really add value to your media devices.  They work with almost all Bluetooth devices and every Apple product we tried on them.
I still would like to see a battery-enabled set, but I know that would push the price up to where they would lose some value.  At under $100 the Bric is a great dock - and works with Android through the Bluetooth connection.
  • Good sound
  • Lots of connectivitiy options
  • Great value 
  • Uses "AA" batteries as there is no built-in battery
In the end, there isn't much to complain about.  I can happily recommend these to anyone that wants docking and wireless connectivity to their music devices.  The Edifier Bric is a very good choice and should be seriously considered if you are shoping for a speaker dock under $100.
I'd like to thank Edifier for sending these our way for a review.  Please feel free to comment in the forum at the link below.