NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller


Product: NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller
Provided By: NZXT



Today we have a new product from NZXT on our bench - the Sentry Mesh Fan Controller. It is an addition to their line of in-case fan controllers.  NZXT is well known for manufacturing all kind of PC components such as fan controllers, case fans, PC cases, power supplies and more.  NZXT also manufactures some peripherals for laptops and PCs.

OEM Looking Box

First Impression:

The NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller comes in a very plain cardboard box as you can see above.  It has some very simple graphics that are done in black. Once we remove it from the box, we can see that it is shipped in a plastic bag along with the mounting screws. The installation instructions are shipped in the bottom of the box, but I doubt you'll need much help getting this installed in your system.

Sentry Mesh Bundle

After removing the NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller form the bag, we can see that the front is simply covered in a steel mesh.  Who would have guessed that?  It has five sliders for adjusting each fan connected to it and the NZXT logo on the right side.

Mesh Front
Mesh Front
Mesh Rear


The NZXT Senrty Mesh Fan Controller is mainly constructed of plastic except for the front mess and circuit board. I would have preferred that it had been constructed from aluminum or steel.  On the other hand, with it being plastic you don't have to worry about it shorting anything out if you carelessly plug wires in while the system is running.


Specifications & Features:

The following information has been pulled from the NZXT product page and posted here for your convenience.  If you have any questions or want up to date information, make sure to head on over to the NZXT page for all the details.

  • Mesh design to camouflage with mesh facade
  • Five 30W Controls
  • Easy-to-use sliders


Simplicity and functionality at its best, NZXT’s Sentry Mesh Fan Controller stealthily accommodates your case with a black steel mesh front and solid slider controls.  Five 30W channels provide more than sufficient capacity for high speed fans to reach their full potential.


Installation - 5.25" ODD
Color - Black
Material - Plastic & Mesh
Panel - Scroll
Fan Channels - 5
Connections - 3-Pin
Wattage - 30W
Manual - Min 40%
Control - Voltage


Fan Wires
Fan Wires
Cable Lengths
Cable Lengths



Testing a fan controller is fairly simple you simply install it and try it out.  Installing the NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller is straight forward. First you decide which 5.25 inch drive bay to install it in then remove the blank drive cover.  Once that is done, simply slide the fan controller in and lock it down.  Mounting it will vary depending on what case you have. I am installing it in a Cooler Master Storm Enforcer case. This case has a tool-less drive mounting feature. Still, I always do install the screws that come with the fan controller on the opposite side (right side of case, because you never know where you might be taking your rig.

Next its just a matter of connecting all the wiring. The NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller requires a 4 pin Molex connector to supply power to the fan controller. It has five 3-pin fan output connectors that are about 20 inches long from the back edge of the controller.  This is long enough to connect them to any fan in your case, but if you have a bunch of Molex connector fans this controller won't work for you.  Finally, power up your system. The NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller has a blue led just below thier logo that lets you know that it is powered. Adjusting your fans to the desired speed is as simple as sliding the desired slider up(to increase fan speed) or down(to decrease fan speed).



Overall, the NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller works great but it is only compatible with 3-pin fans. Installing the Sentry Mesh Controller was simple and didn't take very long.  In fact, if you're slow, it should only take you a couple of minutes. The fan controls are simple to operate and are very easy to see where they are set. The mesh design blends very well with any case. The NZXT Sentry Mess Fan Controller can be found at Newegg for about $27 in the US.  This makes it a great value fan controller.  If you are in the market for a affordable fan controller that looks great the NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller would make a great choice.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Mess Design
  • Controls Up To 5 Fans
  • Simple To Install
  • Simple To Operate



  • Only Compatible With 3pin Fans



I would like to thank the people at NZXT for sending us the Sentry Mesh Fan Controller for review. I will look forward to seeing what they come up with next!  If you have any questions or comment about this review, please feel free to post them in the " Comments" link below.