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Title: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on January 29, 2007, 03:00:10 PM
 I dont know if this should go hard or soft thread. I recently got a Logitech G15 Keyboard...pretty blue lights & nice LCD screen. Well, logitech decided to suppy me with the wrong drivers, and of course, i didnt notice it at first. 4 hours and 3- 3rd party software DL's later, and still nothing. Then i realised the driver issuse.
 So, lesson learned. I found the correct drivers, got my little LCD to show me what it was i couldnt wait to see, outta the box.....CPU usage/Mem usage, time & date. Better than Logitech's logo! Woohoo!
 Well, im not done yet. Since i already did all these DL's to monitor my system, might as well figure out how to get them to display on my shiny new LCD, right? G15 forum is for that... sry to ramble.
 Right now im figuring out what temps are what using (SpeedFan.) (MBM doesnt support my ASUS P5NSLI) Speedfan CPU & MB temps are matching the results i got from BIOS Hardware Monitor and ASUS Probe II. Probe II is nice, fan speeds displayed are probably accurate, where as with SpeedFan, they had impossibly High RPM's listed....BUT.... SpeedFan has 2 MORE TEMPS displayed over Probe II or BIOS..... HD Temp and another "Mystery Temp". I was hoping it might be my GPU temp, but im voting no. It must be NB or SB. Do i have both? lol Really, i have no clue what this temp is, but did my best to try to find out. Heres what i got in Idle: Fahr/Celc
 Temp 1 (CPU) 111/43 degrees
 Temp 2 (MB) 86/29 degrees  - This has to be a case temp sensor on MB, right?
 Temp 3 (?NB/SB?) 106/41 degrees
 HDO     (HD) 88/31 degrees
 After a couple minutes of 3dmark's graphics:

 Temp 1   115/46 degrees
 Temp 2   86/29 degrees
 Temp 3   109/42 degrees
 HDO       88/31

 After 10 minutes of BFV

 Temp 1   117/47 degrees
 Temp 2   86/29 degrees
 Temp 3   111/43
 HDO       88/31

 Now CPU & MB were confirmed by BIOS. MB(temp2) readout does fluctuate slightly here & there, as does the HDO Temp....just not too often. Next test was most scientific of all my experiments. I call it the "do-it-yourself blow cold air on your computer components test". Its like 56/13 degrees outside, I popped the casedoor off, pointed a window-fan at the MB, and watched the readings. Ambient indoor temp btw is around 75/24 degrees.

 Temp 1 (cpu) dropped slowly  95/35 degrees
 Temp 2 (MB) dropped fastest  75/23 degrees
 Temp 3 (?)   dropped medium  88/31 degrees
 HDO     (HD) Dropped slow      86/30 degrees

  Oh, and nTune gave me a dead GPU Temp reading. The wave graph was flatliner....117/47 degrees, never changed.
 Eventually after i get this all straight, im off to figure how to get all these temps & Fan RPM's to display in my G15 LCD.... Along with CPU & Memory usage and Fraps. I know BCC is finally linked to MBM, even though theyre no longer updating their software, I figured one or two of you might be familiar with temperature monitoring you hardware 
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Zeus on January 29, 2007, 05:26:29 PM
I would agree with you that your temperature readings reflect the sensors that you think they do.  That is quite strange that the P5NSLI board yields a static GPU temperature.  I've seen this with some drivers myself, and maybe this can be resolved with a different driver.  If you do swap out drivers, make sure you use DriverCleaner between each install to make sure that you get rid of all the old driver junk.

We helped promote MBM here in Canada, and although that project is dead, I still like it better than SpeedFan for my older hardware.  I have no loyalties to any particular piece of software though.

Good luck getting the G15 to work properly.  I've always wanted one, but heard about some issues, so I've stayed away.  Sorry I can't help more.
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 02, 2007, 03:58:14 PM
 Ok, so ive got my 2nd card in, drivers done, can monitor GPU Temp from Nvidia Control Panel only, and it only lists ONE Temp. Any plugins needed or is this some combined average thing? Oh, and Faherenheit MIA in forceware or what?
 ...And i cant seem to find any plugin for GPU temps to be read in MBM, and im not sure if i can do it manually.....from MBM "Launch" ? only .exe i see in nvidia is setup, and i wouldnt know what to put for %value%.....IF this is even how its done  :D
 Btw, im getting end program/program not responding errors during shutdown. I tried running a regristry cleaner, and it seemed to clear the problem, but then returned after a few restarts.  Messages are : NvCplApi_Notification, and ccApp. NvCpl is common to nvidia files, but i dont see it in the nvidia folder that matches exactly. Any suggestions?
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Zeus on February 02, 2007, 08:06:36 PM
What version of Forceware are you running?  I'm actually out at camp tonight so I can't check anything on my SLI rig, but I'm assuming that you have the latest installed.  SoltoN, any ideas?  I know that SoltoN runs SLI.

I believe you have to run the nVidia temp monitoring program, not just the control panel application.  There should be an option to enable the second card.  As far as F. vs C. - the whole world (except the U.S.A.) uses C.
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 03, 2007, 12:57:42 PM
ok, so my methods might not be practical, but im learning  :uglystupid2:
 Installed SLI hardware, start pc, install drivers from supplied disk. Install newer version drivers downloaded from nzone(93.71) , enabled SLI............(im obsessive about restarting & defragging & restarting again... after installs) So now, a few times inbetween the "ending program" & "program non-responsive" messages i recieve when trying to restart, I got another non-responsive error when trying to open "nvidia control panel" from my toolbar.
 (Man, come to think about it, i got non-responsive program errors from spysweeper too a while ago, had to reinstall THAT)...anyways...
 at this point, i ran registry cleaner, restarted a couple times, no more problems. Ran 3Dmark, when it was done i tried to open control panel again (probably didnt give PC enough time to recover from the 3dmark marathon it just ran) and got error, restart.....errors....all over again.....figured id roll them back (my last rig, the BFV "Intro" & EA "splash" screens were laggy with newer drivers -smooth with old ones)
 Then i see i have 2 video cards in device manager, this kinda scared me, didnt know if i needed to roll them back one at a time, or one before the other, or.....
 So i just installed old ones from disk again....unfortunately, this didnt solve the problem. Errors returned, same ones. Ending Program NvCplApi_Notification, non responsive......OR...Ending Program ccApp , non responsive when trying to shutdown/restart............and the nvidia control panel still gives me non-responsive errors sometimes.
 I did install the old drivers, then new, then old, then new, then new again, and again.....a couple times. I never deleted any driver files/folders.....just installed in hopes it would take presedence.
  The NvCplApi_Notification program......in c:/Nvidia/Win2KXP/93.71/ theres 6 files starting NvCpl, of 5 different types.....my brain hurts. I should dump & start over  :tickedoff: >:D :angel: >:D :angel: >:D :angel:
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Zeus on February 03, 2007, 01:49:35 PM
You MUST use a driver cleaner in between installs/uninstalls of nVidia drivers.  There are bits, and bytes left all over and I don't see that mentioned in the above post.  My suggestions are as follows:

1) Go into the nVidia control panel remove your graphics drivers.  (They will be under nVidia software or something like that).  Just remove the graphics drivers.
2) Reboot.
3) Run DriverCleaner. Reboot.
4) Run DriverCleaner. Reboot.
5) If driver cleaner comes up clean and not finding any files, install your graphics drivers of choice.  If it detected more nVidia driver files, run DriverCleaner again until it's clean.
6) Reboot.

That should help you out.  I know it's a lot of rebooting, but unless things are clean it can really foul things up.  Good luck!
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 04, 2007, 08:37:00 AM
 I ended up spending $10 on drivercleaner.net v2.0 software last night, and still havent recieved the email with my registration/validation info  :tickedoff: Im not one to wait, so, i ended up DL DriverCleaner Pro v1.5 (freeware) Followed directions, did drivers. Enabled SLI. TY Google for the correct MBM/Nvidia-Plugin(finally,Yay!), got both GPU Temps in MBM ! 
 The ending program for both items (NvCpl & ccApp) did pop up a few times after running drivercleaner 2x's, & 2 restarts, but last few restarts recently, went ok) We'll see what happens. Zeus....youdaman !
 I'll keep ya posted.
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Zeus on February 04, 2007, 08:47:45 AM
I've found the free version to work just as good as the pro version for this software.  Pro just does some backups, and other stuff a little easier.  Good luck and nice job getting things to work!  Now I can pick up one of those keyboards as you'll be able to help me through setup. ;)
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 04, 2007, 11:03:30 AM
 Seems sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt. Last time, i shut-down MBM before restarting, and "ending program" didnt appear. I'll try this a few more times to see if im on to something.
 As far as the G15, I did happen to stumble across something in a forum or review board, that the initial retail model G15 was buggy, but most problems were resolved quickly, I dont remember what the problems were, much less where i bumped into this info while looking for something else....I got mine from BestBuy, paid full price $99. Honestly, it was a tough decision between this & the 3 color Saitek (blue/UV/green?or red i forget) It had a rheostat controlled brightness knob & everything! lol jk.......i liked the purple/uv color  :laugh:.....blue seems to be my thing, and i cant break that rut i guess, cause i was totally sold when i saw the LCD display on the G15 showed CPU & RAM usage. I dont wanna give a detailed description about the other features, but you can disable them one by one, and only display what u want. Fraps forces itself into the LCD program like it was made for it! -BTW, 2142 server side info forces itself into the LCD while ingame too.
 Im not trying to plug it, i swear, but i had hotkey problems with my emachine and BFV(nolonger own this rig) If i tried to adjust volume while game was running, i risked the chance of game crashing to desktop....bfv shutdown. I noticed the same issues with the Creative keyboard & THIS Vmicro PC. Both keyboards had 2 buttons for volume + and -. The G15 has a turntable dial (rheostat) volume control turntable that works like a dream. No more volume issues whatsoever!
 My Girlfriend is a good gunner, but goes to bed early, I stay up late gaming. I hated not being able to see my F keys to vocally communicate with my team. Having to stop what im doing, to make an effort to actually read by monitor emitted light only finally got to me.
 I no longer have that problem. G15 has 3 brightness settings, LCD screen brightness applies also, but i keep mine on full.....24/7. I'd fully recommend you grab one & do a writeup! Wireless headphones too! You ever try em? 
 BTW, my GPU temps are reading between 50 & 52.78 degrees celcuis during this post, cpu temp is only 45.5 degrees & case temp is 35.5. Does this sound "normal" for stock GPU temps? I know theres alot of variables, but this Vmicro has 2 120mm intake & exhaust fans. I wanna lok around online, i thought i saw something about a fix for incorrrect temperature readings....-15 degrees or something. I thought it was cpu, maybe im wrong.
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Zeus on February 04, 2007, 09:41:10 PM
Those temps are very respectable and I'm sure they are pretty accurate.  The 7950GT runs a quite cool mid 50C most of the time.  8800 Series are much warmer as is anything from ATi from the X1900 series.  Enjoy gaming!
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 04, 2007, 10:36:56 PM
 Yeah, i was just reading one of the VGA cooler reviews here & noticed the 7950 or 7900 you used idled the same temps.
 After consulting my magic 8-ball, I believe I will be shopping around for the newest shiny things on the market for cooling. I cant stop looking at the toys! 
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 10, 2007, 06:29:46 AM
 Ok, since i've only got a 1/2 a clue what im doing, I'll not be afraid to ask.
 I ordered the Scythe 120mm - 3x 2.5" Bay (system cooler-front intake) but will need to remove one of my DVD-ROM's (I have 2, only need/use 1)
 Do I disable in hardware manager? Then physically remove the unit? Or uninstall in hardware manager? Then remove unit? -Or?

 BTW- These Zalman coolers work much more efficiently than i anticipated. Case Temps spiked, affecting all other hardware. Working on ventilation & airflow ATM..(ordered more noctua's & hardware)....hoping i wont need to use my new 120mm hole-saw  >:D
 My ROM drives are covered by a solid aluminum door, so......im either heading to the machine shop soon for water/jetting or plasma/laser cutting, or im risking it & breaking out the dremel soon!  :uglystupid2:
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Fujitsu on February 10, 2007, 09:48:44 AM
you shouldn't have to uninstall anything, just remove the dvd drive, and start everything back up and you should be fine

as for the door, I think I'd be pretty cautious before cutting a hole in it, not sure if there is much clearance when the door is closed, but I might give it a try with the door closed and see what happens

I've never seen this case before, but I've got the Thermaltake Tsunami, which is sorta the same idea, and there is a bit of a gap at the top and bottom when the door is closed, which if your case is the same might give enough airflow for your scythe to suck air in and give you a bit better circulation

btw, what fan did you order, I took a quick scan on the scythe site and couldn't find anything like you described, but then again it was literally a 30 second scan so I could have easily missed it...
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 10, 2007, 03:00:11 PM
 Too late....I de-virginized my new dremel. Stuck with the same "arrow" shaped Icon that Velocity has on lower door, i just replicated it on upper. The Scythe.."Kama Bay"... http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4154   Available in black, silver or white.
 Theres plenty of room between the door & front drives. I smoke.....so I have 2 types of filters on intakes........washable blue type for dust (designed for home furnace/air conditioner) (cut to fit)  And the white fiber Home furnace type for smoke.......(cut to fit)
 I plan on doing the same on upper 120mm scythe intake. No more will i have cigarette smoke making my case nasty.........just my lungs  ;D :P
 Thanks for the help fuj !
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 11, 2007, 04:46:45 AM
 While toying with airflow last night, i found another neat product i decided to order & give a try.
 120mm extra long slot cooler (exhaust) .........
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Fujitsu on February 11, 2007, 11:42:37 AM
I had one of those way back when, it was ear-piercingly loud

the one you ordered says 20db, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Out of curiosity, since you've added the front intake, what have your temps dropped to?
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 11, 2007, 06:00:51 PM
 Ok, heres the thing, I havent recieved the Scythe yet, BUT.......I DID remove the CD-ROM & tossed a 120mm in the drive cage temporarily, untill it arrives........just to see what happened.


 Sorry, theyre backwards.....
 #1 was stock set-up, including Arctic's "Freezer Pro 7" cpu cooler, and 2 SLI 7950GT's with stock cooling from eVGA. 1 lower front 120mm intake, 1 120mm rear exhaust, and dual fan PSU. Idle.
 #2 was after i swapped CPU & GPU coolers with Zalman, & swapped the 2 120mm fans with noctua's. Case Temp spiked, all others followed. Idle.
 #3 was with Zalman's & adding the 120mm fan to drive cage, (2nd front intake)
 Looks very promising! Cant wait for my stuff to arrive! I think i can squeeze a few more degrees off this.
 BTW, if that slot cooler is loud, i've got a spare noctua i can see if i can mount in it. My PC has a funky slot opening in rear, between window & expansion slot thumbscrews. A little larger than a dual expansion slot, and it runs vertical, not horizontal. I'll be mounting this slot cooler there, with the fan facing both zalman GPU coolers. Well, i''ll TRY anyways  :laugh:
 Crap, sorry everything is Fahrenheit!  Here :  http://www.e-nterests.com/cfconverter.php
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 14, 2007, 05:11:47 PM
 Honest, I'm planning on getting back to you ASAP on those temp differences. I've gone through about 6 different configurations and fan voltages....now i'm just waiting for the temperature outside to cool off a bit, back to where i was when i started.......Today we had a high of 27.2 ......tonight & tomorrow looks a bit more comfortable.
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 25, 2007, 09:00:03 AM
 OK, Fujitsu......I was gonna PM u the Temps & stuff, but maybe better public, and I'll try to keep it short.
  The Front 120mm Intake fan.
 Keep in Mind!

 I have 2 Intakes & 3 Exhausts ! -all 120mm now, since the addition of my new Antec PSU.
 Honestly, IMO, by adding this Front 120mm intake, exhausts & case pressures became large variables!
 For me, it was worth the extra money & time spent. It depends on your rig.
 I dont really think it helped cool my CPU, as much as it just allowed me to place additional exhaust for VGA cooling, got rid of dead-air pockets & maintained casepressures.
 At least a 5-10 degree drop in GPU Temps below stock, Idle. CPU maybe 6 degrees below the Arctic Cooler Freezer Pro 7 (stock) Idle. 
 Arctic cooler Freezer Pro 7 worked well for CPU, so theres not much noticable difference at the chip, but it  didnt exhaust heat from case like the Zalman does.
 All temps have dropped somewhat. Enough to justify it IMO.
 I spent 2 Hours writing this little bit, making sure to work it correctly for ya. I hope this helps if u decide to try it!
 Also, trying to systematically figure everything out is somewhat tough, as I changed both GPU coolers, and CPU cooler prior to mounting this 2nd intake, PLUS, i wasnt able to run full 3DMark, which cooks things a bit more than just online gaming. (which is how i checked temps before.)
 The addition of the Zalman (CPU & both GPU) coolers raised CaseTemps on me, along with everything else.
 So from what I can figure out, is I dropped 6 degrees on GPU1, 9 degrees on GPU2, 2 degrees on CPU......then Increased CaseTemp by 4 degrees, and NB by a degree or two.....just by adding the Zalman coolers!
 Most of my temps are pretty much the same with the addition of this front intake fan, as they were after installing the Zalman coolers. 
           -The main difference is my GPU temps have decreased at least 7 degrees, due to this 2nd intake allowing me add the exhaust for GPU heat. -And obvoiusly, case temps then dropped as well, along with a few others like NB & HD.
 I think the biggest difference will be under load, and the only reason I would guess this, is because the temps didnt really decrease MUCH with the addition of this fan, WHEN COMPARED TO the temps i got after adding the Zalmans. The case just exhausts heat much more efficiently now, AND you definately see this happening IMMEDIATELY after exiting 3DMark.
 DEPENDING on AMBIENT TEMPS!!!!.... ive seen MBM displays drop from "full load" temp, back down to a comfortable "idle" temp within a matter of 3-5 minuites, after closing 3DMark06Pro Demo's.
 Sry, i had to think about this a couple days, to get it all straight in my measly little brain.  :uglystupid2: :D ;D
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: Fujitsu on February 26, 2007, 11:10:00 PM
good to see that you've got temps under control, video cards are the components that really need to be kept cool and sometimes are the toughest to keep cool, and it seems like thats exactly what you've achieved

out of curiosity, is it much louder now than it was before you started?
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FEVER on February 27, 2007, 06:00:46 AM
 Yes, but too much comsidering. Im kinda surprised in the Noctua fans, lack of "fan noise" at 12v, I cant hear them really unless I put my ear up to them, and even then it sounds mostly like wind-noise.
 Even the single scythe fan doesnt produce much noise.
 I have a feeling the VF900's at 12v static, and the CNPS9700 NT under PWM control produce the most "whoosh" noise in the case. But this is a guess, as even by taking the side-door off, most noise I hear is coming from the rear. The 2 front Noctua's are almost inaudible.
 Personally, I smoke, and have one of those "double window fans" constantly running to exhaust smoke & heat from the room, PLUS 1 more fan to blow fresh air into my room from outside.....any PC noise kinda gets drownded out. I did turn it off while writing this though, just to listen.
 I assume u already played with these noctua's once or twice. I'd always like more airflow, but I think well worth the $$, very quiet for the amount of air they push. Just pricey. I've got $100 USD in 4 casefans  >:D :angel:............crazy..........but quiet!  O0
Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: FurnaceZer on June 02, 2009, 07:24:57 AM
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Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: keincarlos18 on June 05, 2009, 01:08:31 AM
They should ever known that the monitor has made control,because  I know BCC is finally linked to MBM, even though theyre no longer updating their software.

Title: Re: Hardware Monitoring & G15
Post by: bhlt on May 05, 2010, 12:16:11 AM
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