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Title: Added Material ?
Post by: Seeker on September 18, 2003, 06:24:09 PM
Just thinking here and on most sites there is quick link tabs to the products eg.  AMD, INTEL should there be a deal that ppl can click on these tabs to goto their sites ??   Polarflo, Asus,Epox stuff like that
Title: Re:Added Material ?
Post by: Zeus on September 18, 2003, 07:30:12 PM
Most sites that have links to hardware manufactures websites get paid to have those links there.  That's how they make money.  I don't make money . . . heh.

I've tried to get some general corporate sponsorship going, but the only company that actively supports BCC is Plextor. (http://www.plextor.com)  It is an idea that I will think about though.