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Title: It's dead Jim!
Post by: Howdy Duty on November 23, 2003, 09:19:29 AM
I left my dorm room for only 30 minutes.  When I came back, the room was curiously quiet.  After finishing up the autopsy this morning, I regret to announce my IC7-G....DEAD.

I tried swapping PSU, and CPU, both made no difference.  I pulled out all the cards including video, ram sticks, and laid it on the bench.  With nothing but a cpu and power, it should still power up and spin a fan.  I reset the bios, and still observed....nothing.

Here's the really bad part:  All my work, reports, and school projects were on my raptor raid set.  I fear it may be gone forever.  There was a rumor that a raid set can be rebuilt, but I very highly doubt it.

I guess I need a new board now.  I'll RMA this one, but I'll need something between now and then.  It'll probably take 4 weeks at least to get anything from abit.  

I did so much research to make sure I bought the right stuff...and it died!

Guess I need a new board now.  The only other major player with the same kind of board would be asus.  Ewww.  Maybe they won't die after 6 months of service though...

Questions?  Comments?

Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: Zeus on November 23, 2003, 10:40:18 AM
Remarkably, every ABIT board that I've personally owned has been RMA'd at least once.  D-man too.  I personally am getting sick and tired of these "Brand Name" boards being crap.  There's something to be said for stability v.s. the extra 2% performance on a ABIT board.

If you get a replacement board that uses the same SATA controller and chipset, you should have no trouble reading your data off those drives.  I'm sure that you're running RAID 0 though, so you will not be able to "rebuild" the RAID array.  All you can do is hope that the new board will read the array by default.

I've personally had good luck switching from an old ABIT KT7A-RAID using the Highpoint 370 RAID controller, and switching my entire array to a EPoX using a Highpoint 372 controller and everything worked fine.  I hope that you have the same luck.

Sorry to hear about your board.
Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: Howdy Duty on November 23, 2003, 12:16:01 PM
Thanks for the re-assuring news about the raid setup Zeus.

Is there any stored information in the raid controller BIOS or is all the array information contained on the hard drives themselves?  If no array info is held on the raid BIOS, and it's all on the HD's then it should swap over no problem.  In that case, I'll be very very happy.

Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: LobbDogg on November 23, 2003, 03:16:58 PM
Sorry to hear that man, I am in school as well, and I keep a copy of all my homework backed up onto a CD, just incase, I had that happen before where I lost everything.

My personal experiences with Abit have been extremely poor.  4 different motherboards with different chipsets and all have not worked up to par.  One is just unstable, the other won't accept a cpu at the proper speed, another that was dead out of the box, and another that wouldn't detect the proper speed of the CPU as well.  Remarkably, I have never had any trouble with Asus, never once a problem, so I continue to buy from them until I do(knock on wood).  BTW, Howdy, how does the Raptor RAID work for ya?  Is it quite fast, what kind of speeds with HDTach, Sandra, etc are you getting?
Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: Death on November 25, 2003, 10:15:31 AM
Sorry to here about your board..... :(  I have never had any problems with Abit boards. I've had 4 of them so far and all 4 are still running. I've also have 1 Asus board (in my server) and it works great, but then again it doesn't have much to do most of the time,,,,,,,,,,,, ;D. Hope you get up and running soon ...... ;)
Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: Fujitsu on November 25, 2003, 10:43:29 AM
My abit board crapped out of me too, now I've got Asus, and so far no problems
Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: LobbDogg on November 25, 2003, 11:17:03 AM
What are you talking about Fujitsu?  Your signature says you are using an Intel board  :D Where is your 2400 bps modem?    :D
Title: Re:It's dead Jim!
Post by: Fujitsu on November 26, 2003, 07:22:57 AM
Broadband Baby, it makes my 386 run like a dream

actually I forgot to write my motherboard on my sig