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Operating Systems & Software / Re: Best Antivirus/Firewall programs
« on: December 08, 2004, 06:45:10 AM »
Yes, Zeus, thanks. The McAfee Scanner is definitely an improvement over what we experienced in Norton. We've only come to realize in recent years how much hard drive space Norton takes up, and I find McAfee does essentially the same thing. We used to swear at it and now we swear by it. And even getting the entire security suite for around $60 is very affordable compared to $80 or more for Norton. I find McAfee easier to configure, and with McAfee Antivirus, I really don't need to use a program like Ad Aware or SpyBot (another confusing program to try to configure). Whenever I downloaded SpyBot, I unistalled it just as quickly!

Fujitsu and Cowboy, I hope you enjoy McAfee as much as I have lately. We used to think it was not as good of a program and earlier versions seemed problematic with earlier Windows versions, but we feel that now we have something to work with and we won't make any changes with. I appreciate NAI's tech support people. I hear horror stories of people dealing with Norton techies and having to wait weeks to even hear from them! Anyone who knows Norton know that while their virus research team is one of the best out there, if their tech support is seriously lacking, that doesn't speak very well for them. That's as much as why we will stick with McAfee for years to come, as well as the affordable price and easier configuring!

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Best Antivirus/Firewall programs
« on: December 07, 2004, 02:41:47 PM »
In talking with others, we seem to not be alone in our frustration with Norton. Others are equally as frustrated with the checking of viruses for e-mails you send out. All I need to know is whether it is a worm, or not, not a virus! I know people who simply disabled this annoyance. At least with McAfee, it checks to ask me whether I am sending out a worm or not. I would rather have it ask that than to check my own e-mail for an hour for viruses. I know others who have been using AGV and say it is a good freebie, but I tried it a bit and would not try it again. I like something that is proven and Norton is not as proven to me. I like to talk online with tech support people in chats, not deal with e-mails a week later!

My money is still on McAfee. We will be getting the complete suite in a few weeks as part of my Christmas gift. I just don't see the point in going back to Norton or any other confusing antivirus program. PC Cillin would be my next choice over Norton. And the advantage of McAfee is that Norton takes up more memory than McAfee from our experience. GO MCAFEE GO!! Funny how a year or two ago, we were so sure that Norton was the program for us - they are a bit overpriced for what they offer and they are more challenging to configure. I prefer something that makes me feel more secure and does as good if not a better job than Norton! As I said before, we are not the only disgruntled ex-Norton users, and the others we meet likely won't be the last ones either!

News / Re: Newest Member to the BCC Team!
« on: November 19, 2004, 08:19:34 PM »
Congratulations from myself and Donna, Zeus! It sounds like an adventure! Donna's mom called us to give us the news. God has also been good to us lately. I started a four-week work experience using MS Excel to enter data for a local trucking company that my brother-in-law owns. I have been working three weeks now and we will see in a week whether they have other similar projects to keep me going. If not, I could be working for our community church volunteering for computer projects that they had planned for me before. And in January, another person from church who works in the financial services area will be requesting my Excel skills.

Take care Zeus, and enjoy the new birth. Give our regards to your family. Yes, we've sensed God's goodness in our lives lately as well. I've been so busy with my work experience lately that I haven't spent time visiting this site. I figure that is a good thing - to at least be working now!

God bless,
Mr. Analyst ;D ;D ;D ;D

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Mozilla ?? newbie
« on: October 20, 2004, 01:17:23 PM »
I just got word from Mozilla FireFox that exploits two vulnerability issues could pose security risks regarding that and other browsers. The affected software includes versions of Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Konqueror, Camino, Avant Browser, and Maxthon. Internet Explorer is not affected

Mozilla Firefox, along with several other tabbed browsers, has been found vulnerable to two security vulnerabilities that could cause users to unintentionally divulge sensitive information to unintended recipients, or cause them to download or execute content for a site other than they intended.
Secunia describes the two discovered vulnerabilities as "Vulnerability A" and "Vulnerability B". In Vulnerability "A", Secunia reports that "It is possible for a inactive tab to spawn dialog boxes e.g. the JavaScript "Prompt" box or the "Download dialog" box, even if the user is browsing/viewing a completely different web site in another tab." According to Secunia researchers, this could lead unsuspected users to react as if the spawned dialog came from the site they were currently viewing, causing them to take action they may not otherwise have taken.

In Vulnerability "B", Secunia researchers report that, "It is possible for a inactive tab to always gain focus on a form field in the inactive tab, even if the user is browsing/viewing a completely different web site in another tab." This could potentially cause sensitive form data to be sent to a non-trusted site or to a site other than the intended site.

To avoid either vulnerability, Secunia recommends users either disable Javascript or avoid visiting untrusted and trusted websites at the same time. 

Check out the Secunia web site at: for more information. If anyone has already dealt with this issue, please enlighten us!

Mr. Analyst

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Mozilla ?? newbie
« on: October 03, 2004, 03:44:03 PM »
I can see why there are growing lists of fans for Firefox. How secure though is information such as banking passwords on FireFox? I don't mind being able to have passwords entered for me but I am stilll a bit leery if I don't enter them manually myself.

I am just waiting to see when SmartForce will be allowing me to use FireFox for my web browser in my studies. With it using Active X files, would it be similar to IE in terms of having to change some settings so it recognizes I am using an offline browser? Any ideas?

Mr Analyst

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 25, 2004, 03:53:37 PM »
Actually I contacted SmartForce and they have plans in the works to include Firefox, but they aren't sure about the details. SO in time I will be able to completely use Firefox over IE. I will see about setting up Foxfire then as my main browser and removing IE's icon from the desktop. We still have it for things that can only be seen with IE, but I am already getting used to Firefox as my browser. I also downloaded Thunderbird as an e-mail program, and I actually prefer it to Microsoft Outlook. I like having my contact names right where I want them because I am forever having to see from my list in Outlook who is in the list and who isn't. For anyone who uses Firefox, be sure to check out Thunderbird! You won't be disappointed, and you don't have to pay Microsoft's exhorbitant costs (although they are coming down slightly in recent upgrades), but when other applications are no charge, you would think that Microsoft would make an effort to come down significantly in price. There's no way you can justify how they set their pricing and tell me that it is worth that much! Even WordPerfect Office is much more affordable, but I would have to sit down and really familiarize myself with Paradox first. Has anyone used WordPerfect Office versions? What do you think of Paradox compared to SQL or Access?

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 23, 2004, 10:20:55 PM »
The only issue is that I use active x files to do my SmartForce studies with Robert Half. Otherwise I can see the issues. There must be a way to change Firefox so that it enables active x's. As well, that the SmartForce web site, only Netscape and IE are supported. So for some things, I will still need to use IE for if I can't avoid it. The other things, I will use Firefox for. I even contacted SmartForce on this to see if and when I can use Firefox so that it enables the required active x files to run. I was able to do so with IE, so I don't anticipate any issues once things are resolved with Firefox.

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 22, 2004, 10:42:21 PM »
Well, I actually did a search engine and downloaded FoxFire. So far so good. If I at least stick with using this and trying it out for myself, I am sure that it will be an interesting experience. There is also a free filtered e-mail program - since I use two e-mail addresses, it might be worth my while to set up one on that as well, but we'll see about that. It is good to have a couple of browsers to try out and it is good to know that there are other browsers like FireFox that are there for the average consumer like myself. How have others enjoyed using FireFox? It seems to work well with either Windows or Linux from what the web site suggests. What I really like is that it connects me to my Outlook e-mail program directly from the browser. About the only way you can do that in IE is if you select to send a web page by e-mail, but with all these doodads in FireFox, it is sure to continue in popularity! Thanks for the tip!

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 22, 2004, 09:59:52 PM »
FireFox must be new. Is it fairly easy to configure? Who makes FireFox? In terms of script errors, would FireFox be better than IE with that? I will check into it then. I am not a big fan of Netscape or other similar browsers, but if FireFox is as good as you suggest, maybe we should look into it. Having said this no browser is completely flawless, but it helps to know which browsers are out there and which ones are better in terms of safety issues. As far as routers go, we likely don't need anything there right now unless we have a second computer.

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 22, 2004, 02:10:37 PM »
Considering how little time some of us have for trying out browsers, I think IE does the best job we can expect from it. I have tried Netscape and it is really a pain to work with. You end up with more headache than help there. In fact, Netscape reminds me of the small browser that comes for users of MSN or Hotmail. But at least I find it easier to navigate around those programs and as long as I have a good firewall and antivirus program, that's the best we can do. WE don't have millions of dollars to put up a hardware firewall (some cost $6000 US) so we do the best we can with our limitations. I think from my experience, you can find loopholes in any browser if you wanted to. Just like we have loopholes in our tax system that still allow big companies to avoid paying taxes. And the nice thing now is that if there is an issue with IE, you can let Microsoft know, and they listen better than Symantec or some of these other browsers. And unfortuately, we would be using the free versions of browsers like Opera only to get frustrated with junk ads since we would not be able to pay for the paid version. Those paid versions might be nice in the long run, but who can afford to continually pay for it? I am not the only one who does their best with what is out there in IE - I don't see my family jumping to add any other browsers to their computers anytime soon.

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Best Antivirus/Firewall programs
« on: September 20, 2004, 07:00:49 PM »
I guess we did not read the fine print until it was too late. We still got our refund back and stayed with Norton for one more year. I am so used to not uninstalling programs like that so I did not find this out before it was too late. We never had to uninstall Norton when we did the Windows ME upgrade but we found out too late that this upgrade was much different!

I guess live and learn is the motto we always try to use. Now we know what to do next time something like this happens, but right now we are happy with McAfee and the service we get from them. They are number 1 in my books, and Symantec is not as high up after the service we had from them. The other thing I found a bit redundent was having the e-mails we sent checked with the anti-virus program. If we don't have any viruses on our computer, why would I want my own e-mails checked? I know others who had that same frustration. I like McAfee - sent it and go - and if you have a virus your computer will know it. I find McAfee is much quicker at reacting to the viruses and worms out there than Symantec. I would not waste my money on  them anymore. And for those who say they got viruses from McAfee, I still got viruses when we had Norton. Remember the mass-mailing virus for Outlook - the one about the tennis star, even though we had Norton, that mass-mailing virus still came to us - fortunately I wasn't using Outlook at the time! I think that proves my point - you can find fault with any antivirus program if you use it long enough - like we did with Norton. I think that is where McAfee has improved and Symantec has failed.

The other issue is customer Service. I have had no trouble talking with people right away with McAfee. I usually had trouble at times finding out how to approach Symantec and if they responded at all. I don't know if they have improved on this, but even their web site should have been more customer friendly like McAfee's. I think we will be sticking with McAfee now for years to come. Symantec lost a valued customer with their lack of service and with their lack of response to viruses. Congratulations, McAfee, you're our choice now!

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 20, 2004, 06:50:54 PM »
That's why I make sure I use a good anti-virus and a firewall. I was using Norton before but switched to McAfee. I just had nothing but problems with Norton ever since we upgraded to Win XP. I realize that not everyone is a big fan of IE, but its the only browser I would use now. I have tried Netscape but it isn't the same. You can have a couple browsers on your OS if you want, but for me my money is on IE. I am still concerned about security but I try not to lose sleep over it. And if someone wants to know our information bad enough, nothing we do will stop them. Even if we are always looking over our shoulder! SO we just do what we need to and don't worry about the specifics. I like to think that we're as well-protected as we need to be but if we aren't we aren't in any position to go overboard on heavy duty protection at this point!

Suggestions, Feedback & Bugs / Great site Zeus and company!
« on: September 16, 2004, 02:42:58 PM »
I like the new format here. It is easier to move around and it has a new, snazzy look! Some time I would like to work on web site creation more but right now that time is not there. I did do a bit of web site creation a few years ago with the yahoo site, but that was as far as things went. I doubt my web site would still be available at this point, but I started it because I was taking an HTML course online - free at

Again, great site, all involved! Look forward to being more a part of the discussions now from time to time. Keep up the good work!

Mr Analyst

Operating Systems & Software / Re: Browser Wars!
« on: September 16, 2004, 02:35:17 PM »
What keeps me using IE is that most of the sites I check out from time to time require IE or you risk not being able to see everything properly. We had not had the issues others might have had with IE yet. And I recently was able to get help from Microsoft Support to correct an issue with SP-2 where I was trying to access offline courses and always got a security issue warning because of the Active X files that I was using. I did find a bit of a security issue when I tried downloading a trial for WordPerfect, but since I am getting certified in Office XP, I figure I will stick with Office XP for some itme to come.

General Mayhem / Re: Leaving job unexpectedly
« on: September 16, 2004, 02:31:14 PM »
A buddy of mine in Winnipeg is likely to be accepted for a new job there soon. He may only be able to give a weeks' notice if they want him there that bad. He does not need the stress of more time in the current job - I worked in similar situations and it was like working in a jail. I think it depends on the situation. It would be nice to have a job and leave for a better offer. Actually come to think of it, it would be nice to be suitably employed! All the best, Lobdog - hopefully your luck will rub off on myself very soon!

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