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Contests & Hot Deals / Re: NZXT 3 Case Halloween Giveaway!
« on: October 12, 2009, 06:25:34 AM »
I need a new home for my gear this Halloween because I've been writing 2-3 hours a day every day for the last 24 months and now the time has come for me to whittle everything down, revise, edit, and publish this using a new workstation that can handle massive airflow for the rig I plan on putting in it (whatever that might be!) because for the first time in my writing and photography career, I'm going to make my own movie as a way to present my writing 21st-century-style: "the moving picture is the new text!"

Hi Folks,

I LOVE it when you two talk about gear I can't afford, like the SSD drives at around the 45:35 min. mark when you're talking about the state of SSDs and your own experience with testing the latest SSDs, pointing out Moore's Law (that all this stuff will come down in price eventually)...because until proliferation happens, folks like me rely on folks like you to inform and really give a thorough sketch of the pluses and the pitfalls of "cutting edge" technology.

When you mentioned that the SSD you were testing had no noise, no moving parts, no heat, and was blisteringly fast, I just wanted to hear more...but I was extremely grateful that you included not only talk about SSD drives, particulars like how once enough "garbage" accrues, it renders the SSD less useful, etc.

Okay, now for the rest of the show: I love that the two of you cover SO MUCH ground in roughly 45 minutes, you never belabor a point, that you segue nicely from topic to topic, and that you get into all the material I wish the guys at Engadget would touch upon in their weekly podcast--meaning you explore a subject, bat around point-and-counterpoint, maybe throw a joke in, and get on with it.  This method actually draws my attention in and makes me come up with points and counterpoints of my own.

Just FYI, I think giving feedback is cool, and what's more I dig that you guys are open to criticism, though it really feels as though both of you have your stuff "together"--the only suggestion I would have would be to possibly field questions that people post on the BCC Podcast Forum...?

As for myself I really enjoy hearing about other people's setup with their computers, what their experiences are like  as regards boot-up, lags, issues, whatever, so whenever anyone talks about their own actual experiences, my ears perk right up!

Thanks again and rock on,

Hey, folks, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Podcast #3--I really would've liked even more chat on Windows 7 as I'm still on the fence about wiping my XP Pro setup, but you both did another fine job!  I was especially piqued by your talk about CBHD-DVD, but I think it'll be blocked in North America a la the "Cherry"--remember that automobile knock-off from about three years ago that was permanently waylaid? Also, I'd *love* it if you dedicated a little more time to your reviews, but again, I'm sure it's difficult to fit in everything you'd like to in a timely and organic way.

Keep rocking,

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