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Android App Pick of the Week / problem with my android device ( 6.0.1)
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:54:10 AM »
I have a problem with my android device ( 6.0.1)

The phone shows *OK* in grey cloud in each few minutes with a duration of a few seconds(3-4).I managed to make a Screen shoot , was trying for few days.It begin alone I could't make any changes in my phones software or hardware for 8 days and it started before 5 days.I searched the some solution from the google but can't find anything associated with this  problem. I was tried  3-4 anti-virus softwares and than 3 -4 anti-troyan.But that are come clean. So i tried  tryed some application System Repair 2016 aslo but I can't find solution.Please help me to avoid this problem

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