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I updated the contest details :) Now you have until January 31st to enter  :o Good luck everyone O0

Contests & Hot Deals / Re: [Frontpage News]December Domino Giveaway
« on: December 22, 2009, 11:52:30 PM »
Congrats David  :) Enjoy your new cooler  ;D

- Sometimes it really is a pain to clean inside the computer  :-\ I do not want to imagine if I have to clean a computer full with tobacco powder :o :laugh: Anyways, denying the support is unfair because before buying the computer they didn't tell you that you couldn't smoke  >:( But smoking isn't good for health and environment, so from now on they should tell people that smoking voids the warranty >:D
- If I think that I could support the ads of the item that I want, then I surely enter to this Apple free things system :D  :uglystupid2:
- Thanks for the advice, I will surely will try Chrome OS in a virtual machine  ;D Just 300Mb, downloading...  O0

- $250 just for the unlock?  >:(
- Good to me my copy of Windows 7 didn't came with crap software O0 But the best of all, I got it completely free :D  Yesterday I reinstalled it, but I still need to configure it in the way I like ::)
- Pretty cool laptop, but I still want a Alienware laptop  >:D
- Well, I hated when a lot of people were playing Cod4 in little maps because there were a lot of grenades exploding everywhere :o So you were appearing from death and somebody kill you with a explosion >:( I have not played MW2 yet, but not allowing dedicated servers was a bad idea :tickedoff:

Contests & Hot Deals / Re: [Frontpage News]December Domino Giveaway
« on: December 04, 2009, 09:31:46 PM »
I still have some episodes in my computer ^-^ I am going to listen again to post in the show notes ::)  ;D

Congratulations to the winner  O0 I hope he is in the beach or some place without Internet so you can redraw  ::)  ;D :laugh:


Contests & Hot Deals / Bjorn3D Christmas Extravaganza Contest Ends Jan 31st
« on: December 01, 2009, 02:42:00 PM »

Bjorn3D Christmas Extravaganza Contest
- Two Grand Prize AMD Dragon platform Computers and an assortment of smaller prizes :D

For more information ;D
Forum Thread:
Contest Page:

Good luck O0

4th and final entry for me  :)
Same, last entry sent :laugh: I wonder who will be the winner  :o


General Hardware / Re: Upgrade a little, a lot, or later?
« on: November 18, 2009, 07:50:21 AM »
I upgraded from Pentium 4 to Core i7 :uglystupid2: It really worth it O0 You should do the same ;D

Contests & Hot Deals / Ultra X4 750W PSU Giveaway
« on: November 18, 2009, 07:28:16 AM »
Another contest! :D

This time we have teamed up with Ultra to give one Ultra X4 750W PSU to a lucky winner.

You can find more info about the product here:

So what do you have to do?

This time I want you to join our facebook group/page. Just become a fan of our page and post your real name in the contest thread on the forum.

You can get a extra entry in to the contest if you post a link to this contest on a different forum.

Contest will run from Nov 15th to Nov 30th.

Staff cannot participate in this contest. The contest is for North American readers only this time since the PSU will be shipped straight from Ultra to you.

Both emails sent ;D I want a modular PSU, I dont like all the cables of my actual PSU  :-\

Contests & Hot Deals / PCFlip Happy Holidays Giveaway
« on: November 03, 2009, 10:03:12 AM »

For more information enter here:


Just imagine having a SLI of GTX 275 cards  :D :D :D


Gigabyte was nice enough to pony up TWO GTX-275 Super Overclock GPU's for an Instant SLI Contest to fatten your Thanksgiving table this year.

Yes that's right rock two GTX-275 in your SLI capable rig and be the envy of all your nerd herd buddies.

We could have split these cards into two prizes but we thought since Bjorn3D readers are obviously connoisseurs of fine hardware setups we would go ahead and make someones SLI dreams come true.

Gigabyte GTX-275 Super Overclock Webpage

The lucky winner will receive two of those beauties and be the envy of every nerd in sight.

Here's the deal, two ways to enter, you may enter once by each method.

Shipping to USA/Canada Address, no P.O Box or APO allowed (I'll check on this but for now assume USA/Canada)

One valid entry per IP address (one by each method), multiple entries from the same IP address will disqualify you.

1. Complete this sentence:

The video card in my rig is so old that I think ________ designed it and I'm so ready to drive those two Gigabyte GTX-275 in my SLI capable rig that I'd promise to give up __________ this Thanksgiving and never look back. (and make 10 posts in the forums)

2. Post this contest on another forum, must contain this text and a valid link to the thread to qualify.

If your not a current member just sign up, enter and start winning.

That's all you have to do to win these two Gigabyte GTX-275 Super Overclock GPU's. Complete the sentence (one entry), post this text on another live forum, make 10 posts in the forum and sit back and wait until the end of November to see if you are the lucky winner of the Gigabyte Thanksgiving Instant SLI Contest.

Winner selected by random drawing, decision is final.

Almost makes a guy wish he wasn't Staff just so he could enter.


Contests & Hot Deals / NZXT Halloween Triple Chassis Contest
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:25:08 AM »
Another change to win one of this beatiful NZXT cases  O0


For your ghoulish delight we have 3 NZXT Chassis to help keep you warm in your gaming Crypt this Halloween.

Must have a USA/Canada mailing adress, no P.O. box/APO addresses allowed.

NZXT m59
NZXT Beta Evo

Here's the deal you can earn up to 3 entries and 3 entries only, one entry per method:

1. Complete this sentence:

This Halloween I’m rocking my rig in one of those NZXT chassis because _____________. (Halloween theme answer) and make 10 posts in the forum.

2. Advertise the contest on another forum, must contain this text to qualify and contain a valid link to the contest thread.

3. Post a Halloween picture of you, a loved one or Pet in costume.

No lewd or vulgar answers to the 1st method, no nude pics use common sense.

Contest will end on the 7th November 2009

Random drawing from qualified entrants.

Now lets look at the Halloween Bounty provided By NZXT:

NZXT m59 Chassis

NZXT Beta EVO Chassis

NZXT Lexas S

There's the bounty for you ghouls and goblins to drool over. If your (grave)digging these chassis and your not a forum member just sign up and start entering)

If you are signed up for 2 contests requiring 10 posts each you owe us 20 posts. If you sign up for 3 contests you owe us 30 posts. Signing up for multiple contests and failing to make all the required posts disqualifies you from winning any contest.

Contests & Hot Deals / Ultra X4 850w Thanksgiving Contest
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:14:49 AM »
Another way to win this beatiful PSU  :D


Well it's the month for sliding up to the table and gobbling down enough Tom Turkey to put a battalion in a food coma and Ultra dropped in on us and saw the great contest rack we have going and wants in on the contests for November.

Up for grabs an Ultra X4 850w PSU.

Modular Design  – Patented technology helps reduce clutter by using only the cables needed. This not only increases airflow within the case, but it gives the inside of the computer a clean and professional look that is easier to manage and service.

80 Plus Certified – The X4 line received the coveted 80 Plus Bronze certification meeting a stringent energy efficiency performance specification. This optimization ensures that that less energy is wasted by the computer and heat and noise generated by the PSU are minimized.

Power Protection – Short circuit protection, in-rush current protection, and thermal overload cutoff protection –all work in conjunction to protect systems from under voltage, surges and brown outs.

Simple Installation – All X4 PSUs include thumb screws, zip ties and Velcro straps to make the build process as streamlined as possible.

Lifetime Warranty – Register online or by sending in the included warranty card and receive a lifetime warranty.

Reduced Acoustics – Featuring a large 135mm dual bearing cooling fan, Ultra’s X4 power supplies offer reduced acoustics, increased airflow and longer life. Further, Ultra includes a silicone chassis bracket which significantly reduces vibration noises typically caused between the chassis and the fan.

So if your using one of those generic PSU from this might be the contest for you.

Let's keep this one simple:

1. Post the URL (Web Address) of any review we've done in the last year.

2. Post the Name of the reviewer

3. Copy and paste the first complete sentence of the review.

The review may only be used once. Meaning if I post our "Swimsuit Issue Review" first then you come back in and post it as your entry, my entry was in first and your entry doesn't count.

Every URL from the review must be different.

Second Method:

Post a valid link to this contest on another forum along with the text in this thread. Not one line, the entire text.

Contest ends last day of November, winner by random draw from eligible entrants. Decision is final. One entry per person, per method, per household. That means you can make two qualifying entries, one by each method. Running to your neighbors house and re-entering will only get you disqualified.

Only one entry by each method per person, entering the contest multiple times will disqualify you. If you can't read the rules and follow them then someone else will get this beautiful PSU.

So this Thanksgiving belly up to the Forum and scarf an Ultra X4 850w PSU, at least it won't give you food coma!


Edit: Little clarification, USA/Canada Only, No P.O. Boxes or APO addresses, must be a review.

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