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MW2 also have not curbed hackers from getting in.  Everytime I come across one hacking I just reconnect to a different game.  It's definitely annoying and not as satisfying as seeing them get kicked and banned.

It's dissappointing to see more and more PC developers take this route (like Blizzard with Star Craft 2), although  BF: BC2 and MoH Reborn look very promising, and I defintiely can't wait until their release since both are going to have dedicated servers.

Nice to hear some Opera love. 

I've been a long time Opera user since way back when it was a paid software in 1998.

Still using it and my only complaint is that I can't use it on my iPhone.  So many features I have just started to figure out as well, I just learned of Synchronization 2 months ago. lol, now I can't imagine not having it. 

I have yet to try Unite, I'll send a tweet to check the bcc page out.

The only upside to AMD entering the netbook market would be be better integrated video and possibly lower prices. Performance from the new Congo chips doesn't seem to be anything groundbreaking. The better graphical capabilites are a definite plus in my book, but that would seem like it'd draw more power and I doubt gaming should ever need to be a priority on a netbook. I'm just waiting for Intel to release the Pinetrail platform at this point for the on-die memory and graphics controller and even longer battery life.

Not to mention Nvidia has Ion and Tegra which are pretty stupid kick ass. HD output and 1w power consumption! think of how long that battery will last!
Nvidia even claims smooth gaming capability for non-graphic intensive games like WoW.

I don't know how solid Intel's graphics comptition for Nvidia's stuff are for the netbook but its highly doubtful they got anything that can compete with the Ion and Tegra when they even recently cancelled their Larabee. 

The 6-core AMD bulldozer sounds even better, since AMD promises it to be an AM3 still (probably AM3+), compared to the 6-core i7 extreme Intel is releasing for the 1366 which will cost a grand at least, I'm sure the AMD hex core will cost a lot less even before you include the price of mobo/RAM.

RE: MS Zune and HP DreamScene

It seems the touch screen interface is still going strong.  I thought for sure this would die out just like Virtual Reality and chucked into the category of "looks good in movies, but impractical in real world application".

I had a Samsung P2 and an Iphone and its frustrating how innacurate the button presses are sometimes (worse than the Ipod wheel).  Sometimes I just want a solid, control interface I can physically feel.

RE: StarCraft 2 and lack of LAN support.
Ironically, I think more people will end up turning to crackers to add LAN functionality to SC2 since Blizzard decided not to add LAN to discourage pirates.

Wii FTW! Not that I have one though. I'm a PC gamer!

Same here.  The last console I owned was a Dreamcast.  It was a great system but the CD drive dying is a common problem with that console.

Score one for the little guy. I love it when small companies sue the big dogs and win  O0

Makes you wonder how many little guys have we not heard from that had this happen before and lost. :/

RE: PCWorld Top 10 Companies customers love to Hate
lol I was surprised to hear that AOL was still around to hate as well.  Free coasters!
I have to add though, recently for the PC enthusiasts, Nvidia seems to be in the running. With the rampant tabloid style trolling they are facing and several forums littered with just post after post of regurgitated Charlie Demerjian crap spinning every story to hurt hem and ATI fanboyism its hard not to ignore.  Of course it doesn't help that they have such an outspoken CEO and aren't shy to criticize others. 

I haven't heard much more about that Chinese HD-DVD format since.

Yeah, its pretty quiet here, but with a billion Chinese, the market for it just catering within that country is big enough to support that format.  Kinda like how Indian Bollywood movies earn hundreds of millions despite barely seen over here.

RE: Kindle
I find it hilariously ironic that of all books, 1984 by Orwell would be the one deleted. lol.
Recently, Google lost a lawsuit in France regarding their Google books as well.  At this point, I don't even see the e-book reader market being more mainstream than it is now.  I think most unviersity/college students would still prefer a laptop/netbook than just having a dedicated e-book reader (can they save money on ebooks?)

I'm sure most of that money is just ending up in lawyer fees rather than to the artists.  It will pass through several hands before it even reaches their accountant. 

I completely agree with the views on Vista.  I'm still very comfortable with using it now that I don't even find the need to upgrade to W7 yet.

I think another factor to people's dissappointment with Vista when it came out was that plenty of OEM computers were issued the "Vista compatible" sticker when they weren't. and it was word of mouth from there.

My parents bought an Acer system that only had 1GB of RAM (and part of that was shared with VRAM) and it obviously could barely run Aero. 

Either MS wasn't completely honest with the HW compatibility or it was a huge oversight on their part.

Contests & Hot Deals / MSI & Guru3D overclocking contest
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:23:13 AM »

MSI & Guru3D are holding a video card overclocking and skinning contest for their MSI Afterburner Overclocking program.


This competition is an overclock competition which runs from Nov 18th towards December the 18th. Your mission ?

To overclock your MSI graphics card with MSI AfterBurner. You only need to overclock the core clock frequency (read the rules on the contest homepage). The overclockers with the best results (% of overclock) could be eligible for one of these fantastic prices:
First place - MSI Radeon HD 5870 (R5870-PM2D1G)
Second place: Big Bang Fuzion P55 motherboard
Third prize: MSI N275GTX Lightning graphics card
Three runner-ups : MSI N9600 GT Diamond graphics card
The beauty of this contest is that even a low-end graphics card could win. In fact .. here's a hint. Low end graphics card often yield better when it comes to relative overclocks. What do you need to do. Well simple, we want top see you best overclock on your MSI graphics card -- We allow MSI N000/N200/R40000/R5000 series graphics cards.

Grab Afterburner and seek your maximum overclock. Some rules do apply, we need proof in the form of screenshots that entails:
AfterBurner for overclocking the card
We need to see CPU-Z 1.52 in that screenshot
You need to run Furmark for at least 600 seconds and show us that in the screenshot
We'll also need a photo:
We need to see a photo of your PC showing the MSI card.
You join up at the forums and can enter your submissions here. All rules (please read the following pages carefully) and a proper explanation on this contest can be found here.

You can submit your results here in this thread. Please read the rules and requirements very carefully.
Contest rules, explanation, info and overview (Competition homepage)
How to upload screenshots -- Click on 'Post Reply' (not quick reply) in this according competition thread. Below the text field you'll notice a sections called 'Attach files'. Click on the Manage Attachments button and here you can upload your screenshot -- after which it will be automatically thumbnailed and insert in your post.

You have 5MB of space for your two attachements (screenshot + photo).

Again please carefully through what screenshots and info we require at the contest landing pages.

MSI is responsible for shipping but the winner is responsible for any additional taxes/Tarrifs that the prizes carry which are stipulated by the tax laws of Taiwan. 

Final entry sent.  Sent all 4 keywords.

I made a mistake and sent a first empty entry because I misread the rules and thought it was a total of 5 entries (4 keywords + an empty one with just Ultra X4 on the subject line) instead of 4. Sorry! pls disregard that empty one.

You can get your name in to win the Ultra X4 850W Modular PSU in the following ways:
1.) Send an email with Ultra X4 in the subject line to contest(at)
2.) Send an email to contest(at) with the weekly keyword you hear on Weekly Tech Update.  Each week, we'll mention a new keyword.  Each week you can gain another entry

Good luck to all participants!

General Hardware / Re: Upgrade a little, a lot, or later?
« on: November 20, 2009, 01:17:48 PM »
For cheap upgrade option, Do you really want an Athlon X2 6000? 

- You can get an $80-100 AMD770 or AMD785 AM2+ mobo (make sure you get one with a SB710 south bridge at least.  AM2+ because I'm assuming you have DDR2)
- $100 phenom II x2 550BE (or spend a bit more and go X3 720 at $130 if you like)
- keep the ram you have now (2GB is enough if you are running XP)
- if you can power a 7950GT you should be able to power up an ATI 5770 no problem. 5770 costs $170

compare 7950GT's power consumption vs HD 5770
7950GT =
HD 5770 =

total of upgrade = $350

If you want you can add an addition 2 GB of ram on top of that or spend it on other parts since its still well below your original approximate of $500.

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