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LAN & General Gaming / BCC vs DC Gaming
« on: April 01, 2005, 09:42:55 AM »
Quote has been our game server over the past few months, and they really started out to be pretty decent.  Suddenly, around the middle of March they actually disappeared.  The server was still running, but the site went down.  Last night just after our match, they pulled the p. . .

Well if you all get bored OTH always up for some more ppl to frag.  Heck if I talk to everyone probly could even get a match setup if you were really interested.  We already pooling money to but a NICE BF2 server.

General Mayhem / EA Sucks they are messing with BF2s stats.
« on: March 22, 2005, 07:18:18 AM »

You all might want to look into sign petition to let private server runs stats.

General Hardware / LCD Looking at the Samsung 710 n2 17"
« on: March 21, 2005, 10:18:03 PM »
I can get from newegg for $200 after Mail in which seems to be a hell of a deal. 

Panel Type: a-si TFT/TN LCD
Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Pixel Pitch: 0.264 mm
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 600:1
Response Time: 12 ms
View Angle: 160/ 160 (Horizontal / Vertical)

I was wondering if anyone has this monitor or has at least got to play with it.

Got my notebook all reinstalled today got rid of all that HP crap man it runs so much better now.  I have it folding when I have to setup up with running the OTH server manager.  I kinda have a 3rd running but its a computer thats for editing.   So this should help push my folding up some.

All About Folding. / Folding 5.03 is out.
« on: March 01, 2005, 08:26:35 AM »
Folding on new computer now, using 5.03 update list for it seems worth the upgrade.  Should be interesting to see how the 64 folds.

General Hardware / Soon to be upgrading just want some opionions....
« on: January 25, 2005, 08:37:49 AM »
I am going to be upgrading soon but figured I wanted some input.   I would love to go PCI-X but I cant afford that much more since I already spent $400 for 6800GT.  Selling old computer for $600 so the cost of the new one wont be so bad.

Memory and harddrive or harddrives is what I am wondering about the most.  I like the Antec 3700 but would consider new case does not need to be fancy just must have 120mm fans.

General Mayhem / You all might get kick out of this. FLOODING
« on: January 13, 2005, 11:10:45 AM »
This is only about 1/2 mile from house and this is some of the more minor flooding.

General Mayhem / Off to Florida.
« on: November 17, 2004, 08:58:04 AM »
Well I am off to Florida in less then 24 hours, so I wont be Folding or gaming much for the next 2 week.  I shall cya all in 2 weeks for some more DCF.  Laters

All About Folding. / Folding with more computers soon.
« on: November 02, 2004, 09:43:26 AM »
Once I get my notebook cooler and my wireless internet setup I should have 2 1/2 computers folding.  I say 2 1/2 cause one is a notebook and I know I will not have it on all the time.  If all goes well should have wireless in about a week.  Of couse even if I do look for a total stopage for about 2 weeks cause I sure aint leaving computers running while I am gone.

General Hardware / Got my new toy today.
« on: October 26, 2004, 03:52:03 PM »
AMD 64 3000+, 1.25 DDR2700, Nvidia 440 Go 64mb at the moment it actaully only has 256 ddr but I order another gig should have by friday. So far with just the 256 ram I score 5961 on 3dmark2001SE which is pretty good for a notebook. I got much better frame rate then I figured I would with a notebook.

AMD 3200+ (400) PDP 1gig 3200 2-3-2-5 I also won a copper heatsink for my Evga 6800 GT and got that installed so far everything seems to be running smooth.  So I going to be back to folding yet again.

27 been checking them out seems like good place but haven't found to many actual reviews.
Reseller rating rates them a 9.98 
PowerPro M 5:14 SUPRA $1,305.52
15" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT Active Matrix /Intel 855GM Extreme Graphics 2
1.6GHz "Dothan" Intel® Pentium® Processor M 725 w/2,048k L2 Cache
512MB (1 SODIMM) PC2700 DDR333 Memory
40GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
Combo 8X DVD/24x10x24 CD-RW w/Softwares

I want at least this, dont have need for great video wont be using for gaming. Looking for good battery life (3-4 hours).

All About Folding. / Trying to fold again. But keeps crashing.
« on: August 23, 2004, 10:30:11 AM »
I have tryed both verion 4 and 5 and they refuse to run all I get are crash and crash.  I havent changed anything in long time.  I do have a couple game managers running in back ground but there shouldnt be the problem.  I will work on it more and hopefully be back to folding today sometime.

Well need less to say I spent a little cash this weekend, but sold old ram and made some cash at shop sat so wont be so bad. (Till credit card bill shows up that is)
Anyways I will post some new benchies and what I think of new build later this week.  I cant wait to get everything install backing up data wont be as bad this time either with external harddrive and dvd burner.  Once all this is done I am going to get folding reinstalled and get back to pumping out some WU's.

General Hardware / AMD 3200 Barton (400) & Question about ram.
« on: August 10, 2004, 09:35:27 PM »
I will be getting a  3200B (400) processor Friday. I mean for $115 I could not pass it up. Also getting Artic Silver 5 I have used 3 and liked so 5 should be better, least I hope.  A friends company bought 150 to get a bulk rate and are sell whats left to employees.

Now on to my question I currently I have Corsair XMS PC2700 2-2-2-5. Do you think I can push it to 3200 speeds? Bios will let me no problem but never seen the need untill now.

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