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I will freely admit I could and should spend money on something more useful but owell I say.  I havent actaully upgraded yet, I have to wait till little more into sept., shop is just to slow during summer to move a larger computer.  I figure once video card drops to 450-500 then I will get maybe even little cheaper then that.  I may want to get it now but even I dont want to spend over 500 for a video card.  For now my 6800GT will do fine or at least till have have a buyer for it that is.

Actaully I buy new cause I like to play games online and with most new games you need the best stuff to really enjoy.  But I also buy all my stuff at cost, so what you pay and what I pay is 2 different things. I also can sell my old stuff in used computers and make back almost everything before upgrading.  Upgrades for me are pretty much free, so for me upgrading is just the smart thing to do.

Some programs you can run in a 32bit mode but I am not sure if automatic or if you select.  But I do have couple couple the run in 32bit mode and I didnt select.  I also have a couple games that refuse to install cause it a 64bit system.  And some will install but flat out refuse to run.  Its kinda one of those hit and miss things.


Been watching it at Evga and wondering when newegg was going to get.  Now I just have to wait till I have some extra cash.  I hate the waiting game.

Quick Q&A / Re: It died...
« on: August 03, 2005, 11:14:00 AM »
1 7800 GTX will give you almost better results then 2 6800GTs.  When benched the SLI 6800GTs only score about 20%-25% more then just 1 7800GTX.  7800s run between $500 and $600

It wont take long for 7800GTX even farther in price with the 7800GT coming out soon.

General Hardware / Re: PNY PCFX5700APB Geforce FX5700
« on: August 03, 2005, 08:38:54 AM »
I just said buying the apart is more money, and I not into buying ATI. 

Guess I should have also added this is for a shuttle like mini system adding more then one card is really not going to work.

Quick Q&A / Re: It died...
« on: August 03, 2005, 08:37:03 AM »
If you do decide to go 64bit you will like, but I am a upgrade nut so I already want something better.  Evga just released there new 7800GTX with 490+Core and 1300+Memory. OH I so wants.

That sucks, I have internet from it works on a canopy system, no need for drivers which it nice.  My old system had a cicso pci card I dont even want to think about what kind of pain it would have been.  It was horrible just setting up on normal windows.

I had no trouble getting driver and to my suprise even my brother printer had x64 drivers.  My audigy 2 zs driver and better then the old one I get sounds on games I never got before.  The only thing that doesnt have driver which I plan to email plextor about it my ConvertX but then I havent looked in a while either.

One of our OTH member paid to have a ranked server.  Its not actaully a OTH server but we will be monitoring it.  If you wish to play heres name and ip.

BloodyWallStains BF2 Ranked IP= 6567

About the only game that is truely made for it is Farcry, DOOM 3 claims to run better but havent installed yet.  There are probly couple more but there the only ones I have that I know do.  Once I reinstall those 2 I will let you all know if it truely improved. 

As a side not I think you only have till JULY 31 if you want to exchange copies for free.

General Hardware / Re: PNY PCFX5700APB Geforce FX5700
« on: July 29, 2005, 09:21:53 PM »
Been price checking to see if it would be worth buying 2 cards and it aint.  I think next month going to buy it for a small unit to sell.  I almost cant wait to get just to see how it performs.  I want the 7800GTX but going to have to wait another couple months.

Easy to find if you already paid for a old copy of XP, thats how I got my copy.  Came in a nice case was kinda suprised at that one.  I am sure there are many other ways to get a copy but wont go into them.

Operating Systems & Software / Re: WinXP X64 showed up today.
« on: July 28, 2005, 05:31:16 PM »
Well so far things a running fine, only thing that sucked had to switch anti-virus to avast. Other then that it did add about 300 points to 3DMark2005, still havent install any other games but will get to that this weekend.  BF2 runs great I even get sounds I never got before but that could be cause of the 64bit drivers for Audigy 2 ZS.

General Hardware / PNY PCFX5700APB Geforce FX5700
« on: July 28, 2005, 10:04:45 AM »
This card has VIVO and a TV Tuner, its not for me but going to be building a computer at work soon thats going to needs a TV Tuner.  I would like to get one that works a Graphics card and TV Tuner.  I can get this card thru newegg for $70 which aint bad.  Any clue if it is worth it or not.

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