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General Mayhem / Ethereum accidentally loses $300 million
« on: November 09, 2017, 07:52:49 AM »
Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in the tech world for the past couple years and Ethereum was supposed to be one of the next big up and coming currencies.

Well, the future of Ethereum might be a little bit in question after they were working to fix a $32 million dollar hack and ended up accidently locking up and additional $300 million worth of cryptocurrency while they were trying to fix the original flaw. The fun thing with cryptocurrencies is that there isn't any way to get them back if they are lost, hacked, or compromised, so there are currently a bunch of people out there who had invested into Ethereum that are probably quite sad.

The Guardian has the full story.

   More than $300m of cryptocurrency has been lost after a series of bugs in a popular digital wallet service led one curious developer to accidentally take control of and then lock up the funds, according to reports.   Unlike most cryptocurrency hacks, however, the money wasn’t deliberately taken: it was effectively destroyed by accident. The lost money was in the form of Ether, the tradable currency that fuels the Ethereum distributed app platform, and was kept in digital multi-signature wallets built by a developer called Parity. These wallets require more than one user to enter their key before funds can be transferred.   On Tuesday Parity revealed that, while fixing a bug that let hackers steal $32m out of few multi-signature wallets, it had inadvertently left a second flaw in its systems that allowed one user to become the sole owner of every single multi-signature wallet.

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General Mayhem / Lots of fake Facebook accounts
« on: November 04, 2017, 08:15:23 AM »
Last week Twitter had to sheepishly admit that they'd been inflating their numbers accidently, now it's Facebook's turn to sheepishly made an admission.

Facebook had estimated that the amount of fake, or duplicate, accounts on their network was previously in the 2-3% range, but now it's looking like it's more like 6-10%. On a network with over 2 billion users, that number could be as high as 270 million fake accounts which is pretty huge.

While there is more and more pressure on Facebook to get rid of accounts that are fake, or just setup for spamming purposes, Facebook probably isn't so excited to drop their numbers by 10% so I don't imagine they'll be doing mass deletions anytime soon.

Mashable has the story.

   That means that as many as 270 million of the platform's 2.1-billion-strong user base could be fraudulent — a population verging on the size of the United States.    Facebook said the change was due to better tools for tracking illegitimate activity rather than a sudden spike in fishy sign-ups.     Unlike Twitter's anything-goes attitude, Facebook is famously strict about verifying the real-life identity of each of its users. In some cases, it even goes so far as to demand official documentation.    Yet fake accounts have still managed to proliferate on the platform — some because of innocent user mistakes and others created to spread spam or operate as part of shady networks of bots.

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General Mayhem / Apple vs. Qualcomm: Round 7
« on: November 03, 2017, 06:10:41 AM »
I've lost track of what round we are on in the Apple vs. Qualcomm lawsuit saga, but things just got even more interesting this week.

Here's what we know:

   - Many Apple devices use Qualcomm processors, as do most other mobile devices.   - Apple doesn't like how much Qualcomm can charge, sues them because they think they're owed $1 billion in overpayments.   - Qualcomm says Apple is infringing on some of their patents, asks the Federal Trade Commission to ban iPhone imports.   - Apple starts working on iPhones and iPads reportedly with Intel, is looking to cut out Qualcomm completely in future devices.   - Qualcomm alleges Apple has shared their source code with Intel as they work to stop using Qualcomm processors.The financial details on the new "you shared our source code with our biggest competitor Intel" lawsuit from Qualcomm aren't disclosed yet, however, it'll be big. If they can prove it, Apple could end up writing a big cheque.

ZDNet has more on this story.

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General Mayhem / Trump got booted from Twitter temporarily
« on: November 03, 2017, 06:03:50 AM »
Apparently this is a big news story, Donald Trump got booted from Twitter and some people got really worked up, some got happier, most didn't notice. The only reason I'm posting this is because it's kinda funny and it's a really slow news day. 

Don't worry though, he's back after an 11 minute absence. The Verge has more on this "story".

   President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, @realdonaldtrump, disappeared from the site for around 11 beautiful minutes shortly before 7PM ET. It was not initially clear what happened to the account, and Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.   In a series of tweets issued by Twitter’s Government and Elections team, the company first blamed “human error,” then attributed the move on a rogue employee who used their last day on the job to boot the president off the service.

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General Mayhem / Twitter is your best source for disinformation
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:31:45 AM »
Fake News!

If you are big into fake news, or just being generally misinformed, apparently Twitter is your best source to get all worked up about nothing. It's probably not too much of a surprise that Twitter has its issues with spam bots and extremists, but I could have sworn that Facebook might have even been worse (just because of the much larger audience). 

In the end most social media networks are hugely susceptible to people putting up fake or untrue content to either drive more clicks or to push forward their views. 

What's the solution? It's obviously not so simple, but Motherboard takes a closer look at the world of misinformation on Twitter.

   Twitter is the most open social media platform, which is partly why it's used by so many politicians, celebrities, journalists, tech types, conference goers, and experts working on fast-moving topics. As we learned over the past year, Twitter's openness was exploited by adversarial governments trying to influence elections. Twitter is marketing itself as a news platform, the go-to place to find out, in the words of its slogan, "What's happening?"   So what's happening with disinformation on Twitter? That is very hard to tell, because Twitter is actively making it easier to hide evidence of wrongdoing and making it harder to investigate abuse by limiting and monitoring third party research, and by forcing data companies to delete evidence as requested by users. The San Francisco-based firm has long been the platform of choice for adversarial intelligence agencies, malicious automated accounts (so-called bots), and extremists at the fringes. Driven by ideology and the market, the most open and liberal social media platform has become a threat to open and liberal democracy.

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General Mayhem / Tesla posts big loss in Q3
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:26:18 AM »
As Tesla tries to keep up with demand on their Model 3 vehicles, it appears it has been a little more expensive than investors were hoping as they posted a $1.4 billion dollar loss in Q3. Everyone was expecting Q3 to not be a great quarter but it was worse than expected and it sent Tesla's stocks downwards. At this point I don't think everyone is jumping ship yet, but but another quarter or two and investors might start looking for the exit door. Yahoo Finance has more details.

   The company said it planned to produce "about 10% fewer" units of its Model S and Model X models in the fourth quarter and reallocate resources to the Model 3, its newest. Tesla expects to hit a Model 3 production rate of 5,000 vehicles a week by late in the first quarter of 2018.   "While we continue to make significant progress each week in fixing Model 3 bottlenecks, the nature of manufacturing challenges during a ramp such as this makes it difficult to predict exactly how long it will take for all bottlenecks to be cleared or when new ones will appear," Tesla said in its statement.   Tesla said in October that it produced only 260 vehicles, well below its target of 1,500. CEO Elon Musk said the Model 3 was "deep in production hell."

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General Mayhem / Bitcoin hits new highs
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:20:38 AM »
The Bitcoin rollercoaster continues with a surge to $7,350 which was easily a new all-time high this week. The surge up was followed by a drop down to $6,850 shortly after and now we've seen it go back up to ~$7,100 this morning. If nothing else, investing in Bitcoin is a thrill ride.

CNBC has the story.

                  Bitcoin hit another all-time high Thursday morning, surpassing $7,000 for the first time.                            The cryptocurrency has had a bullish streak throughout the week following the CME's announcement that it will introduce bitcoin futures contracts.         According to data from CoinDesk, the virtual currency reached an all-time high of $7,355.35 at about 7:16 a.m. ET. The jump in price saw the virtual coin rise by more than 7 percent on the day.

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General Mayhem / Broken iPhone X screen = $279
« on: October 28, 2017, 04:17:45 PM »
You might want to grab a case when you're picking up your iPhone X as it has just been announced that a broken screen will run you $279 to fix. That's a mighty jump up from the iPhone 6 ($129) and the iPhone 8 ($169). 

Now if you manage to break something else other than the screen, that repair from Apple will cost you $549. 

Maybe you should just leave it in the box and only bring it out on special occasions.

The Verge has the story.

   The iPhone X went on sale today, and with it, Apple released some information about the phone’s repair pricing — and like the phone itself, it gets expensive. If you don’t have the extended warranty, a screen replacement will cost $279. That’s more than twice the price of an iPhone 6 screen replacement ($129) and about 65 percent higher than a new iPhone 8 screen ($169).    

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General Mayhem / Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world (again)
« on: October 27, 2017, 06:24:04 AM »
Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world yesterday thanks to higher than expected profits over at Amazon. Bill Gates has been sitting at the top of the list for years but in the past few months Jeff Bezos has been nipping at his heels (and even passed him briefly). Jeff Bezos's wealth is estimated at $90 billion dollars which is pretty crazy and almost $1.5 billion higher than Bill Gates. The increase in Amazon's stock in the past couple days has added almost $7 billion dollars to Jeff Bezos's networth, which is pretty decent. CNBC has the story.

   Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world Friday morning, after adding nearly $7 billion to his wealth overnight.   With Amazon's share price surging this morning after its earnings report, Bezos's wealth shot up to more than $90 billion, according to calculations by CNBC and data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That put Bezos past Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world.   Gates also added to his fortune this morning with the rise in Microsoft stock after its earnings. But his gain of around $550 million put his fortune at $88.5 billion — not enough to stay ahead of Bezos.   It will be a horse race throughout the day, however. If Microsoft goes up more, or if Amazon slips after the stock starts trading, Bezos could fall back to number two.

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General Mayhem / AMD Ryzen Mobile
« on: October 27, 2017, 06:16:44 AM »
We've been waiting for this one for a while now but the day has arrived where AMD Ryzen mobile devices are now available. The Ryzen CPUs have sold well and now you'll be able to get them in laptop form. The Ryzen mobile CPUs will also feature the popular Vega graphics, which is probably the more exciting side of things for people who are looking for a mobile device that can still turn out some decent gaming performance. To begin with, Acer, HP, and Lenovo, will all have devices available at launch with the Ryzen/Vega combo and from early indications it looks like they could be a good choice for your next laptop. Anandtech has the details.

   The final piece of AMD’s return to high-performance computing is in laptops. While Ryzen, Threadripper, and EPYC have used the 8-core Zeppelin building block for their products, the laptop side of the equation will combine the new high-performance Zen core with the latest Vega graphics in a single piece of silicon. AMD is now set to release the results of their efforts: a single silicon chip offering four Zen cores, up to 10 Vega compute units, and a unified power delivery system all in under 15W, with AMD touting +200% CPU performance and +128% GPU performance over its previous generation of laptop processors. HP, Lenovo and Acer are releasing laptops based on the Ryzen Mobile hardware today (or soon), and we expect to see more OEMs at CES in January with their offerings.

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General Mayhem / Twitter: Math is hard
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:36:31 AM »
Ahh Twitter...

Twitter is tooting their own horn this week announcing that they've added 4 million new monthly users over the last 3 months, so they are growing!

Also announced was the fact that they falsely reported user growth for the past 3 years and "accidently" inflated those numbers.

For the past couple years user growth has been on a decline, and it probably was even bleaker than they were reporting and could have been around 1-2 million users les per quarter since the end of 2016 and beyond that they really aren't sure how much worse it was.

But other than that, this last 3 months they've grown! (that was a sarcastic exclamation point)

Gizmodo has the story.

   Today Twitter revealed that while it’s actually growing now—it added four million monthly Tweeters over the last three months—the company has made a crucial error: It accidentally inflated user growth in its reports for the previous three years.   On Thursday morning, Twitter released its quarterly earnings in a letter to shareholders. In the report, the company wrote that it recently discovered that, since the end of 2014, it had been erroneously counting users of apps that used Digits, Twitter’s now defunct developer toolkit, in its tally of monthly users.   Twitter launched Digits in October of 2014. The service, released independently from the social network, was pitched to developers as a way for them to simplify how users signed up for (and logged into) their apps. But according to Twitter’s story, if you made an app and used Twitter’s Digits SDK over the past three years, the company might have counted your users as its own.

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LAN & General Gaming / Xbox Kinect = Dead
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:29:50 AM »
Remember when the Microsoft Kinect was the next big thing and was going to revolutionize the gaming industry?

Well since the release back in late 2010, the Xbox Kinect has had a rocky road, at first it was setting records, but then it ended up being the accessory that gamers were wanting to have removed from the Xbox bundles so that they could save a couple bucks.

In the end the Kinect didn't do what everyone was hoping it would and even though it stuck around for nearly 7 years, Microsoft has pulled the plug and stopped manufacturing the accessory.

Now the whole story isn't all doom and gloom, some of the technologies have been morphed into the HoloLens, however, the Kinect-style gaming trend that some were banking on seems like it has long been forgotten about.

The Verge has the full story.

   Microsoft is finally admitting Kinect is truly dead. After years of debate over whether Kinect is truly dead or not, the software giant has now stopped manufacturing the accessory. Fast Co Design reports that the depth camera and microphone accessory has sold around 35 million units since its debut in November, 2010. Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 even became the fastest-selling consumer device back in 2011, winning recognition from Guinness World Records at the time.

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General Mayhem / Microsoft Zune Forever!
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:10:39 AM »
Remember the Microsoft Zune?

It was supposed to be the iPod killer and gained a loyal following but Microsoft let it die much quicker than some people were hoping. Well the loyal following of Zune fans is still strong today and if you want to buy a Zune be prepared to pay more than you would of when they were on store shelves. The following is so loyal that Motherboard has done up an article looking at why people still care about the Zune.

   It's hard to forget the Zune. After all, Microsoft's mid-2000s bid to sink the iPod with an MP3 player of its own was notable for its immense thirst.   The Zune, which was clunkier than the iPod and came in black, white, pink, and putrid nuts-brown, desperately wanted to be cool. Unluckily, at the time of the Zune's release in 2006, Apple also began airing its "Get a Mac" ads, which cast Microsoft as terminally lame. Still, anti-Apple sentiment was strong even then among the nerds, and so the Zune was an underdog. Microsoft tried to capitalize on this, and counter Apple's messaging, with its own "edgy" ads and stunts like sponsoring a VICE event in Toronto.

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General Mayhem / Samsung's CEO resigns
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:39:16 PM »
The CEO of Samsung has announced that he's resigning due to the company facing an "unprecedented crisis". Even though profits are at all time highs for Samsung, there has been some issues with management and they've been making the news for the wrong reasons. Long story short, this isn't good. Dawn ha the full story.

   The CEO of Samsung Electronics Kwon Oh-Hyun resigned Friday, saying the South Korean tech giant was facing an “unprecedented crisis”, even as it expected profits to hit an all-time high in the third quarter.   Kwon's resignation comes as the company struggles to overcome a bribery scandal that sent Lee Jae-Yong, its de-facto head and heir to the Samsung empire, to jail.   But in a sign of good news for the company, its estimated operating profits for the July-September period of 14.5 trillion won ($12.8 billion) marked a record for quarterly profit, nearly tripling the 5.2 trillion won earned a year earlier.

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General Mayhem / No more signatures for Mastercard
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:14:37 AM »
Well the digital age has changed a lot of things over the years and the newest change comes from Mastercard who have announced that after April 18th, 2018, you will no longer need to leave your signature when you use your Mastercard. Obviously with pin numbers and chip technology transactions are secure and found that in the end that using your signature actually slows things down (and no one has checked that signatures match between the card the slip since the late 90's). 

Mastercard's official announcement can be found here.

   Did you know that more than 80 percent of Mastercard in store transactions in North America today do not require a cardholder signature at checkout? That number could now reach 100 percent after April 2018, when we will no longer require signatures at checkout for any credit or debit purchases in Canada and the U.S.

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