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that glove looks insane

I need two of those, then I will have all sorts of fun when I play "shovel the driveway"

If your shovel has a USB port then.. yes :D

There are guys that use the glove for RC race cars, photoshop & pretty much that has a usb port.

LAN & General Gaming / Re: VulcLAN 2012 Announced!!!
« on: January 30, 2012, 10:41:04 AM »
I feel conflicted on how to spend my birthday now!!  ;D

We are pleased to announce that our friends at TRENDnet will be supporting this upcoming event with some hardware & swag!

The Peregrine will be giving us $1000* worth of swag including a couple of their 1337 gaming gloves!

Check out this video from the inventor himself to see how The Peregrine gaming glove can enhance your game!

We will be getting prize confirmation from our biggest contributor later in the week! Be sure to hit up our our site and register for this event today.

na i think there is a reason your just to good

Haha, maybe if there was a Zuma Blitz tourney.....
If you'd like to run an unofficial tournament.. i'm sure we can find some swag for it!

Hey!  It looks like this may be a possibility this time around!  I'll keep tuned for sure!

That would be awesome :D

If your partner in crime is interested in joining you just email us (info at and we'll set you guys up with the  Project X "Industry Discount".

This event will have a full concession and a caterer on site! Stay tuned for the full menu.


Project X introduces LAN Party Lite events!

LAN Party Lite v1 is a casual, fun event intended to satisfy your appetite for LAN gaming on a regular basis. It will be a great way to meet new friends and frag old ones! This is the first of many events for 2012!

Another major advantage of attending these LAN Party Lite events is they will not break the bank! For a mere $20, you can enjoy a full 30h+ of gaming. No other local LAN party group delivers as much action as Project X!


Event Sponsors

The Peregrine
Sapphire Tech

General Event Details

Name: LAN Party Lite v1!
Date: Sat Feb 18, 2012 - Sun Feb 19, 2012
Time: 10:00am Sat - 4:00pm Sun

Southwood Community Centre
11 Sackville Dr SW
T2W 0W3 Calgary
Map & Directions

Official Tournaments:

StarCraft II
Click here for Rules

League of Legends

CoD: Modern Warefare 3

We will be playing a series of fun & competitive games...

Modern Warfare 3
StarCraft II
Tribes Ascend
Unreal Tournament (Classic!)
...And tons more!


For those of you not familiar with BarCraft events they name was coined by a gamer in Seattle, WA and since then it has swept the globe. Blizzard caught wind of this growing phenomenon and is even encouraging it's growth by actively promote BarCraft events around the world.  There are over 50 of these events taking place across the globe!If you don't live in the Calgary area and are interested in seeking out an event like this near you here is a list provided by Blizzard but I would suggest searching around reddit. 

The poster was created by one of our fans and you can check out her art work at

The other week we had a great meeting with Big Rock and they'll be contributing some prizes for this and future events as well. We look forward in working closely with them as we grow these events. We didn't come up with the idea of BarCraft but we are glad that we can help it's growth.

Hey Everyone,

We're not sure if word has gotten to you about BarCraft events but we figured we would share with you what's happening in Calgary.

BarCraft Calgary: Providence presented by Project X at Dobson's Restaurant & Bar on November 20, 2011! Come down to Dobson's for the love of the game, special drink rates, amazing food, door prizes & more!!

BarCraft is an eSports event held in a bar where we will be streaming the StarCraft II finals from MLG Providence instead of the usual sporting events such as hockey, football or others.

This event is sponsored by Dobson's Restaurant and Bar, Sapphire Tech, Twitch TV & Psyko Audio Labs. We will update you as we secure more sponsors!!
Thanks to these fine companies we will be awarding & raffling over $2250.00 in prizes for just showing up!! We will also have some fun Dobson's Bar & Restaurant sponsored contests such as Hot wing eating contests & other fun activities!

Dobson's Restaurant & Bar
7116 Macleod Trail S, Calgary, Alberta.

A bit more about Dobson's:
Dobson's Restaurant & Bar is all about the total experience, and they've taken modern pub architecture, design, and style to the next level and created a venue that you'll love to visit, and hate to leave.

Waiting for you are comfortable booths, perfectly spaced with just the right amount of room-buzz to keep things interesting.

There are some exclusive special drink rates! For more details go to the link below.

Non alcoholic:
Bucket of Red Bull (5 Cans): $15*  (Regular rate $23)
Pop: $2.75* (unlimited free refills for the entire event)

Pizza rolls: $7.50* (Regular rate $10)
Steak bites: $9* (Regular rate $12)
Deep Fried pickles: $5* (Regular rate $9)

Chicken Wings: $9 (Regular rate $12)
BBQ, hot, maple bacon, hot & honey, hot dill, honey garlic, maple chipotle, or sea salt and cracked black pepper.


These items come with your choice of Sides:  French fries, mixed greens or soup. Sub Caesar salad or sweet potato fries for $1.50

Quesadilla: $10* (Regular rate $13) ( fill it with your choice of pico de gallo, avocado aioli, cheese, chili lime chicken)
Crispy Parmesan Chicken: $12* (Regular rate $14)

*7% gratuity will be applied to all purchases during BarCraft Calgary.
Keep in mind that you are saving an average of 20% on all of the items. It is still a phenomenal deal!


Prizes & Swag:

2x jerseys 1x NFL & 1x NHL ($250 Value)
4x $25 GCs for Desperado's Night Club ($100 Value)
4x $25 GCs for Dobson's restaurant & Bar ($100 Value)
25x certificates for a free appetizers on any  Tuesday ($250-350 value)
25x certificates for a free appetizers on any  Wednesday ($250-350 value)

Psyko Audio swag:
1x Psyko Audio Krypton unit ($150 value)
Also some bonus swag will be provided from Psyko Audio! (Shirts etc)

Sapphire Tech:
3 x HD6770 fleX GFX ($390 value)
350 x Various Sapphire Tech Swag ($500 value)

Twitch TV:
Should include some TwitchTV branded sunglasses, t-shirts, bottle openers, mouse pads, coasters and hopefully the TwitchTV flasks.

We are always working with our usual sponsors to secure more swag & prizes for this event!!

We will have some fun Dobson's Bar & Restaurant sponsored contests such as Hot wing eating contests & other fun activities!

View the Menu:


Dobson's is a short distance south of Chinook LRT station.

12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Share this event with your friends

If you're on FaceBook here's a direct link to the event page we've created here

LAN & General Gaming / Re: LAN party - Twitter / Facebook accounts
« on: November 12, 2011, 11:36:49 PM »
Well, we've connected with some great organizers across NA with social media and it's great seeing more organizers harness facebook etc for keeping the fans updated.

Haha, no worries! We'll be around for awhile yet :)

Should send us an email as there is going to be an unveiling at this event that is going to effect alot of LAN events and figure we can fill you in ahead of the event.

Project X: Redemption is sold out! However due to the high demand we have added some more seats! PrePay today @

Thanks BCC for assisting us in that process :D

LAN & General Gaming / Re: LAN party - Twitter / Facebook accounts
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:52:48 PM »
Does Vulcan have a twitter account or do you guys just use your personal accounts?

There's nine seats left and PrePay is coming to an end soon... However! I was curious what do you guys like playing at LAN events?

I love hanging out with the people and checking out the gear people have.

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