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Quick Q&A / Re: No Front Audio
« on: April 12, 2008, 02:49:42 AM »
 Creative Sound Blaster X-FI XtremeGamer......solved all the audio problems!  O0
 Plus a free, well needed copy of PowerDVD!

Quick Q&A / Re: No Front Audio
« on: April 11, 2008, 04:46:03 AM »
Yeah, I tried the 3 single pins ONLY (ground, left out, right out) last night. No luck, so I contacted MSI.

 End User (myself) 04/10/2008 I have no front audio, nor is anything connected to the front jack being auto-detected. Ive tried everything I can think of. Updated latest codecs through Realtek. Reconnected pin header/plug. Verified old motherboard pin configuration Azalia, verified New motherboard pin config, Azalia, but pin #9 & #10 on front audio plug were backwards going from old ASUS motherboard to new MSI P35 (Line Out Left ~vs~ Line Out Jack-Detection) Switched wires within plug to correct, no difference. Even tried ONLY 3 single-type pin plugs directly to pin #2 ground, pin #5 Line-Out Right, and pin #9 Line-Out Left. Nothing works.   
 MSI Tech. 04/10/2008 Be sure to download and try with the updated Realtek v1.90 driver first: ** Verify the wiring connection again to the audio header on the mb. If all steps have been tried and problem still persists then please kindly refer to our website for manufacturer warranty RMA info/request:

 Sounds like Ive done all I can. The header is shot er something. Sucks, but at least its not a critical header! A nice sound-card can cure my problems that includes a seperate front audio header and possibly a seperate  headphone jack as well. Easier than RMA, just costly.

Quick Q&A / Re: No Front Audio
« on: April 10, 2008, 12:31:03 PM »
 Yes its the MSI P35 Platinum Combo. RE: The "other" High Def connector........I wasnt supplied with any special cables with this MB other than a firewire PCI-slot adapter/plug, power pin connector/adapters & ribbon cables. As far as plugs, the only other audio-out im aware of is the S/PDIF-out 3pin for fiber-optic(also a PCI-slot adapter/plug), and also a rear fiber-optic on the rear-panel.
 Only cables to speak of are the single-pin type, which ARE running with the same wire as the front audio header plug....
 Not sure what you mean by intel connector.

Quick Q&A / No Front Audio
« on: April 10, 2008, 12:08:55 PM »
 Updated codecs through Realtek. Reconnected pin header/plug. Verified old motherboard pin configuration Azalia, verified New motherboard pin config, Azalia, but pin #9 & #10 on front audio plug were backwards going from ASUS to MSI (Line Out Left ~vs~ Line Out Jack-Detection) Switched wires within plug, no difference. Ive tried connecting my speakers to this jack also, with never any luck.......front jack has NEVER auto-detected anything hooked into it so far. Any ideas where to go from here? 

General Hardware / Re: New Motherboard
« on: April 07, 2008, 06:17:38 AM »
 You talked me into it! I'll stick it out. Most errors during scan were found in "System Software Settings" - HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Wow6432Node...\...\...
 Dunno what all the invalid paths & entries are, but I guess theres only 1 way to find out  8) (besides waiting for uniblue to return an answer- and wheres the adventure in that? lol)

General Hardware / Re: New Motherboard
« on: April 07, 2008, 05:57:11 AM »
 Actually, it was pretty smooth sailing......untill I decided to allow it to update automatically, then pop in the supplied drivers & utilities disk  ;D Kinda froze on me during driver installation, then net conn. was lost. Was for the best though, cause I decided to reistall the OS, then saw the format selection you mentioned.....somehow I missed it the first time around.
 Now Im starting to get an idea first-hand of the compatibility issues with some software. First it was spysweeper, so I got free AVG, and paid version ad-aware. Then, I install Uniblue-Registry Booster, but It manages to find 700 errors in registry before scanning completed. I contacted uniblue for an answer on compatibility, but im guessing not. Finally, I figured I d move on again, now to BF2.......Warning! Only been tested on 32bit OS........LMAO :D Now things are finally getting exciting! 
 Im close to considering going back to 32 before I spend more money on compatable software.......unless I can talk myself out of it.
 At least Everest works fine.......and honestly, Im just glad I didnt have any hardware issues. Powered up fine first try.

General Hardware / Re: New Motherboard
« on: April 06, 2008, 01:44:35 PM »
  Ok, i think I understand what ur sayin. Im putting a 64 bit over a 32 bit, so I have to reformat with a  clean install. Unless you meant to "format c:" in DOS......then reinstall..?..

 Thanks for the help. Ive been waiting all weekend to build. Finally decided today was the day, & it really couldnt have gone easier  ;) Ebay makes me nervous for hardware especially when I cant run juice through it right away.

General Hardware / Re: New Motherboard
« on: April 04, 2008, 04:44:03 AM »
 Im getting closer & closer. Just waiting for some undisturbed free-time throughout my week to assemble.
 Configure BIOS, The New Full Retail OS gets installed over my old OEM OS,  then motherboard drivers & utilities, correct? I havent powered up yet as im not sure what order things need to be done, and my old OS is still on my HD, connected to the new MB.


General Hardware / Re: RAM
« on: March 31, 2008, 01:41:40 PM »
 Recieved my vista 64bit & proc. Just finished ordering some Ballistix (non tracer)
 Not to go off topic, but this will end the thread. Since i'm coming over to the dark side (from nvidia) im not familiar at all with the card manufacturers for ATI ......except MSI- which is pricey, but im leaning towards them because theyre the only brand I know.......(and same manufacturer as my P35).  Any particular brand I should lean towards or avoid?

General Hardware / Re: RAM
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:19:30 AM »
 So, I  got my new motherboard, 2 round cables & waiting for 64bit version vista to arrive Ordered a new Q6600, G0, SLACR, batch# L737b277 off ebay, which should be here soon. 4 gigs of 667 CL5 corsair value ram is needing replacement I guess. Im still up in the air about selling off my old hardware, or giving to my girlfriend.
 Either way, im undecided on RAM.... 4gb crucial ballistix tracer 800 CL4, or 4gb ocz reaper 3-4-4-12's ??
 Dunno, trying to stick with MSI "Supported Memory" list, which includes buffalo, corsair, kingston, crucial, ocz & Mushkin.
 I may need some open opinions on ram. Is SLI or CrossFire certified ram a sales pitch, or is it just the frequency & latencies that "certify" as compatable?
 My MSI P35 says it supports 667/800 DDR2......should I just upgrade my RAM to PC2-6400 or can I go higher, say pc2-8000 or pc2-8500?
  ...... waiting on my paypal check to arrive to order the 3870x2.

Case Modding & Cooling / Re: latest mini-mod
« on: March 27, 2008, 07:37:22 AM »
 I haven't tested between the homemade & Lian Li, or against the pre & post mod version of the Lian Li (1/4" spaced OR noctua swap).
 The only temp monitoring I did with this fan-slot was using the homemade version + noctua  ~VS~  12Volt  ~VS~  6 Volt    ~VS~    NO FAN (sealed slot)
 All temps monitored jumped significantly with NO FAN, or 6 Volt.
 When I added the 2nd front 120mm intake,case temps increased up to appx. 20F......trapped heat was just circulating around more & affecting other components temperatures without adding an additional exhaust)
 Short version, works great, but I'd be willing to try new designs if audible ratings were similar per cfm to these noctuas.


Case Modding & Cooling / latest mini-mod
« on: March 26, 2008, 07:41:30 AM »
 Some of you may remember my Velocity Micro/Lian Li case. It came with a "mystery" slot in the rear of the case which looked perfect for a GPU cooler. I searched everywhere on the net for an item produced by Lian Li designed for this slot, as it had 4 mountsing holes for thumbscrews. I did manage to find this
-But it wasnt available for sale anywhere I looked. I even contacted a helpful tech at Velocity Micro to assist in contacting Lian LI themselves. No Luck. VM told me they had tried a few of these in test-rigs and they werent impressed. She would have sent me one free, but couldnt find one anywhere. :tickedoff:
 I had to make my own, and while some of you were nice enough to compliment the looks, I hated having to do it. The only upside to it, was the plexiglass I used to make it with, along with a hacked clear casefan, allowed the noctua fan visible. Personally, I dont think it made things look "clean". (and ya gotta love the blue painters tape sealing it) 
  Its been about 4-6 months since I looked for this item, then recently spotted it online for sale & had to have it. Also noticed Lian Li is finally including a few of these in some of their cases nowadays.
 Heres it is installed

 First thing to do was rip out the lian-li fan & replace with my Noctua 120mm 1200rpm fan. The only issue I had with this item, was they really dont give you much room for airflow if you keep the fan installed "inside" the aluminum housing.(The fan itself takes up 3/4 of this unit.) And if you remove the fan & mount it "outside" the housing,(to eliminate backpressure) it hits the GPU's. So, time to mod & drill.
 This aluminum housing is 2 pieces fitted together, overlapping, similar to a showbox lid.
 Remove 6 screws, open it up some, re-drill, reassemble, done!

 You can see the old screw holes compared to where the screws are now. In the end I got about 1/4" extra airspace inside which probably improved airflow by +40% over origional design IMO.

 This is another stupid little mod barely worth mentioning, but I appreciate the help & info I get here, and wanted to pass this along. Definately worth the $25 for an alternative to a squirrel or slot cooler.

Operating Systems & Software / MB/OS swap
« on: March 22, 2008, 07:47:01 AM »
 I purchased the MSI Platinum Combo MB along with Vista Basic Retail, and planning on ordering the 64bit DVD. This is going be my first "new" motherboard install, AND "new" Operating System install.
  I'll be keeping all my other hardware & reformatting.
 Im wondering when I pull my ASUS SLI MB & reformatt with Vista Retail, can I use the old MB & OEM OS  for building my girlfriend a better rig? (by scrapping & swapping her C2D, DDR2 RAM & IDE HD from her Vista Compatable Emachine......??....


General Hardware / Re: Vista 32Bit SP1 RC rumor
« on: March 20, 2008, 04:10:09 AM »
 I wouldn't have expected any speed improvememnts (not that I read the whitepaper)
 But Yesterday, while checking the net to see if SP1 was released yet, I did come across a few people "claiming" speed improvememnts with programs opening and games loading faster.  ???

General Hardware / Re: Vista 32Bit SP1 RC rumor
« on: March 19, 2008, 06:18:30 AM »
 Vista SP1 released yesterday. I did check ms DL site & updates mid-afternoon yesterday, but wasnt available. Just ran MSUpdate this morning & DL'ing as I type.  8)
 Installed smoothly & restarted once between parts 2 & 3.
 After an additional "manual" restart upon loading into windows, still feels like needs a defrag.
 System Info shows 4GB

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