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[Frontpage News]SLI PSU
« on: September 01, 2005, 10:02:34 AM »
3DGameMan has a look this morning at a nice 535W PowerSupply from Enermax that supports SLI.  As more people drop the coin for a pair of cards, companies need to make PSU's that are up to the challenge.  Take a look and find out if the 535W Whisper II is worth the money, or just another waste of effort.

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Just bought this for the old man's machine, and there are lots of cables, dual 12v rails, lots of different kinds of connectors, SATA, molex etc. As well comes with the ability to be used for the 20 pin ATX motherboard connectors, or the 24 pin. Also we got a real hideous purse, european carry-all type looking thing that I wouldn't be caught dead ever using, but it was free in the box with the PSU.
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