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[Frontpage News]CaseBuy EZ PSU Tester 2
« on: August 25, 2005, 01:59:33 PM »
CaseBuy EZ PSU Tester 2
The CaseBuy EZ PSU Tester 2 is an interesting unit.  While it adds more functionality, it really doesn't add any more accuracy than their original tester.  That's not to say this unit is useless.  In fact, while I had this unit on the bench, I was working on a computer that was acting quite strange.  It ran fine for an hour or so, then shut down and refused to boot.  I looked at everything.  Reseated the CPU, HSF, RAM, and unplugged everything from the mainboard. . . still nothing.  When I had given up, I noticed the EZ PSU Tester 2 on my bench that I was just taking pictures of for this review.  I plugged it into the PSU and discovered instantly that I had a dead -5v rail.  If I had thought to use this first, it would have saved me an hour of frusteration and testing.  It has it's place all right.

We've just posted up a look at the Second iteration of CaseBuys EZ PSU Tester.  To get all the details, head on over here.

Please post any feedback, questions or comments right here in this thread.  Enjoy!
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