Author Topic: [Frontpage News]Plextor First With 18x DVD±RW - Is it worth it?  (Read 3403 times)

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Plextor First With 18x DVD±RW - Is it worth it?
The Taiyo Yuden disk (left) has some speed issues and quality issues, but the Verbatim 16x DVD+R disk is flawless.  Plextor recommends Verbatim media and you can see why.  A full data DVD takes 5:40 to write and that includes the lead in and lead out.  When simulating this disk using Nero DVD Speed the write time is 4:51 - not including lead in and lead out.  To be fair, we use the real-world measurement of 5:40 and compare it with the Plextor PX-716AL which writes the same disk in 6:01.  Granted 21 seconds isn't much of an improvement, but as firmware and disk compatibility improve, I'm sure we'll see even better performance with the PX-760A.

We've taken a look at the worlds first 18x DVDRW drive and taken it to the max at just under 25MB/sec of transfer.  If you want to see how fast this drive can get, and what kind of quality it produces, make sure you check out our review here.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or general feedback right here.  Thanks and enjoy!
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