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[Frontpage News]Zalmans CNPS8000 Quad-HeatPipe HSF
« on: August 12, 2006, 01:30:32 PM »
Zalmans CNPS8000 Quad-HeatPipe HSF
The quest for better cooling never ends.  It's like the age old battle between good and evil.  It's like nVidia vs. ATi; AMD vs. Intel; BMW vs. Mercedes - it's heat vs. performance.  To throw a twist in this head-to-head, cooling performance is not enough anymore.  People want excellent cooling performance but don't want the noise that was once associated with high-performance coolers.  The days of the GlobalWIN WBK38 are over and the days of Zalman and other high-performance, low noise coolers are here.

We have taken a look at the latest HSF for multiple CPU sockets from Zalman.  It's the CNPS8000 and it is all about Computer Noise Prevention System.  This cooler runs quiet, has great performance and can fit in places where previous Zalman coolers could not.  It's smaller, but makes up for it's mass by using 62 thin aluminum fins that acquire heat both directly from the base of the HSF as well as through four heatpipes.  Take a look and see if this cooler is a winner, and if it could be a winner for you.

Please post any of your thoughts, comments, questions and/or suggestions here.
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