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[Frontpage News]Coolmax SATA Combo Enclosure
« on: August 31, 2006, 05:45:36 AM »
Coolmax SATA Combo Enclosure
Ever hear that ticking sound emminating from your case? What's the first thing that comes to mind? No, it's not your wife / girlfriend tapping their fingernails on your case trying to tell you to get off the computer and do some housework. It's the sound of a hard drive crashing! Once you start hearing this noise typically time is not on your side. I rushed out to purchase the next biggest drive size (300GB) to attempt a backup up my WD250. Oddly enough, after transferring both drives to a spare system to perform the backup, the ticking stopped and the drive backed up and operated flawlessly. After some quick diagnostics in my main system, I saw my 12 volt rail dropping to about 10.5 volts. After hooking the 'failing' drive back up to my main system and replacing the PSU everything was great! Now what do I do with a spare 300GB drive?

Howdy pounds out an excellent review of the Coolmax CD-311-SATA Combo Hard Drive Enclosure today.  This enclosure supports IDE and SATA drives and connets via Firewire 400, USB2.0 or eSATA.  If you want to connect pretty much any hard drive to your computer through practically any interface, you don't have a lot of choices.  Take a look and see if the Coolmax CD-311-SATA is a good choice.

Please post any thoughts, comments and questions for Howdy right here.
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