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« on: September 05, 2008, 10:28:13 AM »
I purchased an Ironkey about 2 months ago and have been using in daily since then. While this USB thumb drive is expensive it offers levels of security not found anywhere else.
Some of its key features -
1) Solid metal case with the inside filled with epoxy (you can drive your car over this baby).
2) Waterproof
3) Tamper proof - enter the unlock passphrase incorrectly 10 times and the unit self destructs (this eliminated brute force attacks).
4) On board Firefox browser (you have you bookmarks with you all the time as well as secure sign on etc)
5) Private Tor network that is noticeable faster than the public tor sites I have used.

Negatives -
1) At $300 for the 8 GB stick it is expensive
2) Limited Mac and Linux support ( IUbuntu on my personal computer and I can unlock the IronKey but have no access to the onboard Firefox or the Tor)

Check it out here.... Ironkey

There is only one retailer in Canada for this item at the present time... FrontierPC
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