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Episode #14 - Win 7 Launch Party = Barnes & Noble Nook(y)
« on: October 26, 2009, 09:37:37 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #14 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and some details on how you can more free stuff.

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Microsoft makes a funny with Marketplace ‘apps labs’ 4:39
I’m unsure if Microsoft should draw attention to its lack of apps, but they do make some good point regarding many of the perfectly useless apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Out of the 85,000+ Apps, I’m sure that there aren’t more than 100 that are really useful.

Amazon: Windows 7 is the Biggest Pre-Order of All Time. 6:51
Windows 7 is bigger than Harry Potter, Dan Brown and every other pre-order ever.  Amazon UK pre-sold more copies of Windows 7 in the first 8 hour period than they did the entire pre-order period of Windows Vista.  It’s nice to see them turn around and get some positive publicity.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  My guess is until the second “Patch Tuesday”.

Microsoft Releases the Windows 7 Whopper at BK 11:42
Although I doubt that Microsoft had much to do with the Windows 7 Whopper, a Japan-based Burger King celebrated the Windows 7 launch with a commemorative Windows 7 Whopper that includes 7 patties for 777 yen.  Nicely done, but it should come with a warning label.  (You might die if you eat this).

Nokia Sues Apple in Delaware District Court for Patent Infringement 15:00
Normally the shoe is on the other foot and Apple is the one suing for patent infringement, but it looks like Nokia is wearing the gloves and has filed a lawsuit where they are going after Apple for not licensing technology that they “borrowed” from Nokia.

Barns & Noble Nook Up Close . 18:42
It appears that everyone and their uncle is getting into the e-Book market and Barns & Noble has jumped into the ring with their Nook.  John C. Dvorak is waiting on the second generation eBook from them – he’s guessing it’s called the “Cranny”.  For $260 though, it’s a pretty slick unit that has all the features and more of the Kindle for less money.  Pricing information over here.

Apple Sees Windows 7 as an opportunity to sell Macs 29:19
It sounds like it is more of an anti-marketing campaign where Apple feels a bit threatened.  It’s the classic misdirection where you don’t bother slamming something, you simply say that it will drive more customers to your product – whether you believe it or not.  I think this is a great compliment from Apple in regards to Microsoft.  In my opinion, Apple is running scared as two days before the release of Windows 7 they announced some new products including the very sleek (and likely uncomfortable) magic mouse.

Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7. 37:10
If you have Windows 7 and want to know how to do some of the cool things that people claim you can do, check out this guide as it is probably one of the most comprehensive (aka – complete) little guides out there.  Bookmark it, because it will take you days to go through it all.

Dell Adamo XPS Can Only be Opened by Rubbing It 39:34
The Adamo XPS is one of the slimmest laptops ever made and it can only be opened by rubbing it.  It’s like a Genie in a bottle – unless the battery goes dead.  It looks like the Atom is out the window and the Intel ULV is in with this dual-core machine.  It will be under powered for sure, but it looks cool!  That’s all that matters right (Macbook users?)

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