Author Topic: Thermaltake Thanksgiving Element Series Chassis (5 cases) Contest  (Read 2666 times)

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It is very easy to enter to this contest  ;)

Thermaltake and Ramsom Koay (our Thermaltake rep) have offered up not one measly chassis for our Thanksgiving contest(s) but the entire lineup of Thermaltake Element series chassis.

That's right Thermaltake doesn't halfstep when it comes to chassis design or contests. They are giving away all 5 of the Element series chassis in one contest.

Up for grabs (pictures and links below):

Element V (1st winner picked)
Element S (2nd winner picked)
Element Q (ETC)
Element G
Element T

Here's the deal, two entries per person maximum, one by each method. You can only win one chassis but you are allowed to enter twice.

Must have a USA/Canada shipping address we don't care if you live out of country as long as you have a USA/Canada shipping address (No P.O Box or APO addresses allowed)

1. Complete this sentence: (and make 10 posts in the forums)

I'd love to rock my rig in one of those Thermaltake Element Series chassis this Thanksgiving, I want one of those chassis so bad I'd give up _________ on Thanksgiving day to have one. (Thanksgiving themed answer)

2. Post this contest on another forum (Must contain the text in the thread to qualify and a valid link to this thread)

Now lets get a look at the Thanksgiving feast brought to you by Bjorn3D and Thermaltake:

Element S Thermaltake Page G Thermaltake Page T Thermaltake Page Q Thermaltake Page V Thermaltake Page

Contest is decided by random drawing, decision on winners is final, only one entry from each IP address (two entries, one by each method) allowed. Multiple entries from the same IP address will disqualify you. That's the internet way of saying one entrant per household.

So loosen your belt and feast on these beautiful Thermaltake Element series chassis thanks to Bjorn3D and Thermaltake.

Contest ends the last day of November.