Author Topic: Ultra X4 850w Thanksgiving Contest  (Read 2171 times)

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Ultra X4 850w Thanksgiving Contest
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:14:49 AM »
Another way to win this beatiful PSU  :D


Well it's the month for sliding up to the table and gobbling down enough Tom Turkey to put a battalion in a food coma and Ultra dropped in on us and saw the great contest rack we have going and wants in on the contests for November.

Up for grabs an Ultra X4 850w PSU.

Modular Design  – Patented technology helps reduce clutter by using only the cables needed. This not only increases airflow within the case, but it gives the inside of the computer a clean and professional look that is easier to manage and service.

80 Plus Certified – The X4 line received the coveted 80 Plus Bronze certification meeting a stringent energy efficiency performance specification. This optimization ensures that that less energy is wasted by the computer and heat and noise generated by the PSU are minimized.

Power Protection – Short circuit protection, in-rush current protection, and thermal overload cutoff protection –all work in conjunction to protect systems from under voltage, surges and brown outs.

Simple Installation – All X4 PSUs include thumb screws, zip ties and Velcro straps to make the build process as streamlined as possible.

Lifetime Warranty – Register online or by sending in the included warranty card and receive a lifetime warranty.

Reduced Acoustics – Featuring a large 135mm dual bearing cooling fan, Ultra’s X4 power supplies offer reduced acoustics, increased airflow and longer life. Further, Ultra includes a silicone chassis bracket which significantly reduces vibration noises typically caused between the chassis and the fan.

So if your using one of those generic PSU from this might be the contest for you.

Let's keep this one simple:

1. Post the URL (Web Address) of any review we've done in the last year.

2. Post the Name of the reviewer

3. Copy and paste the first complete sentence of the review.

The review may only be used once. Meaning if I post our "Swimsuit Issue Review" first then you come back in and post it as your entry, my entry was in first and your entry doesn't count.

Every URL from the review must be different.

Second Method:

Post a valid link to this contest on another forum along with the text in this thread. Not one line, the entire text.

Contest ends last day of November, winner by random draw from eligible entrants. Decision is final. One entry per person, per method, per household. That means you can make two qualifying entries, one by each method. Running to your neighbors house and re-entering will only get you disqualified.

Only one entry by each method per person, entering the contest multiple times will disqualify you. If you can't read the rules and follow them then someone else will get this beautiful PSU.

So this Thanksgiving belly up to the Forum and scarf an Ultra X4 850w PSU, at least it won't give you food coma!


Edit: Little clarification, USA/Canada Only, No P.O. Boxes or APO addresses, must be a review.