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NZXT Halloween Triple Chassis Contest
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:25:08 AM »
Another change to win one of this beatiful NZXT cases  O0


For your ghoulish delight we have 3 NZXT Chassis to help keep you warm in your gaming Crypt this Halloween.

Must have a USA/Canada mailing adress, no P.O. box/APO addresses allowed.

NZXT m59
NZXT Beta Evo

Here's the deal you can earn up to 3 entries and 3 entries only, one entry per method:

1. Complete this sentence:

This Halloween Iím rocking my rig in one of those NZXT chassis because _____________. (Halloween theme answer) and make 10 posts in the forum.

2. Advertise the contest on another forum, must contain this text to qualify and contain a valid link to the contest thread.

3. Post a Halloween picture of you, a loved one or Pet in costume.

No lewd or vulgar answers to the 1st method, no nude pics use common sense.

Contest will end on the 7th November 2009

Random drawing from qualified entrants.

Now lets look at the Halloween Bounty provided By NZXT:

NZXT m59 Chassis

NZXT Beta EVO Chassis

NZXT Lexas S

There's the bounty for you ghouls and goblins to drool over. If your (grave)digging these chassis and your not a forum member just sign up and start entering)

If you are signed up for 2 contests requiring 10 posts each you owe us 20 posts. If you sign up for 3 contests you owe us 30 posts. Signing up for multiple contests and failing to make all the required posts disqualifies you from winning any contest.