Author Topic: Gigabyte Thanksgiving Instant SLI Contest (2 GTX-275 SOC)  (Read 2417 times)

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Gigabyte Thanksgiving Instant SLI Contest (2 GTX-275 SOC)
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:35:18 AM »
Just imagine having a SLI of GTX 275 cards  :D :D :D


Gigabyte was nice enough to pony up TWO GTX-275 Super Overclock GPU's for an Instant SLI Contest to fatten your Thanksgiving table this year.

Yes that's right rock two GTX-275 in your SLI capable rig and be the envy of all your nerd herd buddies.

We could have split these cards into two prizes but we thought since Bjorn3D readers are obviously connoisseurs of fine hardware setups we would go ahead and make someones SLI dreams come true.

Gigabyte GTX-275 Super Overclock Webpage

The lucky winner will receive two of those beauties and be the envy of every nerd in sight.

Here's the deal, two ways to enter, you may enter once by each method.

Shipping to USA/Canada Address, no P.O Box or APO allowed (I'll check on this but for now assume USA/Canada)

One valid entry per IP address (one by each method), multiple entries from the same IP address will disqualify you.

1. Complete this sentence:

The video card in my rig is so old that I think ________ designed it and I'm so ready to drive those two Gigabyte GTX-275 in my SLI capable rig that I'd promise to give up __________ this Thanksgiving and never look back. (and make 10 posts in the forums)

2. Post this contest on another forum, must contain this text and a valid link to the thread to qualify.

If your not a current member just sign up, enter and start winning.

That's all you have to do to win these two Gigabyte GTX-275 Super Overclock GPU's. Complete the sentence (one entry), post this text on another live forum, make 10 posts in the forum and sit back and wait until the end of November to see if you are the lucky winner of the Gigabyte Thanksgiving Instant SLI Contest.

Winner selected by random drawing, decision is final.

Almost makes a guy wish he wasn't Staff just so he could enter.