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MSI & Guru3D overclocking contest
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:23:13 AM »

MSI & Guru3D are holding a video card overclocking and skinning contest for their MSI Afterburner Overclocking program.


This competition is an overclock competition which runs from Nov 18th towards December the 18th. Your mission ?

To overclock your MSI graphics card with MSI AfterBurner. You only need to overclock the core clock frequency (read the rules on the contest homepage). The overclockers with the best results (% of overclock) could be eligible for one of these fantastic prices:
First place - MSI Radeon HD 5870 (R5870-PM2D1G)
Second place: Big Bang Fuzion P55 motherboard
Third prize: MSI N275GTX Lightning graphics card
Three runner-ups : MSI N9600 GT Diamond graphics card
The beauty of this contest is that even a low-end graphics card could win. In fact .. here's a hint. Low end graphics card often yield better when it comes to relative overclocks. What do you need to do. Well simple, we want top see you best overclock on your MSI graphics card -- We allow MSI N000/N200/R40000/R5000 series graphics cards.

Grab Afterburner and seek your maximum overclock. Some rules do apply, we need proof in the form of screenshots that entails:
AfterBurner for overclocking the card
We need to see CPU-Z 1.52 in that screenshot
You need to run Furmark for at least 600 seconds and show us that in the screenshot
We'll also need a photo:
We need to see a photo of your PC showing the MSI card.
You join up at the forums and can enter your submissions here. All rules (please read the following pages carefully) and a proper explanation on this contest can be found here.

You can submit your results here in this thread. Please read the rules and requirements very carefully.
Contest rules, explanation, info and overview (Competition homepage)
How to upload screenshots -- Click on 'Post Reply' (not quick reply) in this according competition thread. Below the text field you'll notice a sections called 'Attach files'. Click on the Manage Attachments button and here you can upload your screenshot -- after which it will be automatically thumbnailed and insert in your post.

You have 5MB of space for your two attachements (screenshot + photo).

Again please carefully through what screenshots and info we require at the contest landing pages.

MSI is responsible for shipping but the winner is responsible for any additional taxes/Tarrifs that the prizes carry which are stipulated by the tax laws of Taiwan. 
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