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We have just posted up Episode #24 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and some details on how you can more free stuff.

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USB3.0 SSDs Coming Soon 2:00
It appears that Intel is not the king of the SSD performance crown any more as OCZ has pulled up their pants and gone for broke with a new “SandForce” controller.  The thing is that OCZ still uses cheaper MLC chips and can out perform Intel’s SLC chips because of this new controller.  CES will be filled with SSD action this year.  But in the meantime, you can check out the fact that, OCZ poses a huge threat to Intel SSD performance.

Most Pirated Games of 2009. 11:35
PC Gaming is still the most pirated segment (no surprise) and this year the winner is Modern Warfare 2 for the PC.  The same is true on the Xbox 360 with a total of over 5 Million illegal downloads since November.  This hurts Infinity Ward (yeah right) as they lost over $850,000,000 worth of revenue on this game alone.  Check out the full list at the link above.

HP Ink Costs More Than Human Blood 20:58
It’s no surprise that HP Ink costs more than blood, but the amount is pretty incredible.  It is almost twice as expensive as human blood and considerably more than Penicillin and even Vodka.  If you have an alternative for HP Ink that you recommend, drop us a line at

The Twelve Most Tarnished Brands in Tech 28:48
Although you may not agree entirely with this list, there are some names that have definitely taken a downward spiral and have tanked since the glory days.  Westinghouse and AT&T are on the list, but AOL isn’t.  I think everyone hates AOL and they deserve to be on the top of the list in my opinion.   Dan loves Heathkit.  He’s filing an official protest.

Greatest Gadgets from the last 10 Years. 33:50
It seems that there is an Apple Fanboy over at Wired, but still Apple has truly made some great products over the last 10 years that deserve to be on the list.  You can’t argue that the iPod is deserving of making the list, but I disagree with the Kindle 2.  The Kindle 2 is an evolution of the e-Book and I think that it shouldn’t have made it.  The Android phone should have made 2009.

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