Author Topic: Supreme Commander 2 = Supreme Disappointment  (Read 2519 times)

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Supreme Commander 2 = Supreme Disappointment
« on: March 18, 2010, 08:14:14 PM »
I have to start by saying that I REALLY enjoyed the original Supreme Commander.  I enjoyed Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance even more.  In fact, I played FA once as each faction on normal difficulty, then all over again on hard difficuly.  Then repeated hard difficulty.  Can you tell I liked it!?  O0

Naturally when Supreme Commander 2 was released I was excited to say the least.  I have probably less than 20 hours into this game and it's over.  Too easy.  Too short.  Elements from the first game are missing which made SC what it was.  The economy isn't unique as before, assist with engineers and factories is essentially gone, buildings build too fast, research is illogical... There's too much to gripe about.  But I had to do it somewhere!  Blah!  :tickedoff:

I guess the only advice I have is play the demo first.  The lead into SC2 didn't really pick up where SC:FA left off!  Judging by the end of SC2 there may be a SC3.  I know I'll be patiently waiting for reviews and perhaps a demo before blindly buying off the shelf.  Many say the game was "dumbed down" for xbox 360 players.  Which is ok I guess, but they could have left the game with an IQ greater than 2...  :uglystupid2:

Ok I'm done now.  Anybody else have any experiences with this game?  Maybe I missed something.


P.S.- Zeus: Can't seem to log in using Chrome.  Explorer worked fine but Chrome kept saying I needed to enter a username.
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